Anorak News | Paul Gascoigne heads to Liverpool to die in peace

Paul Gascoigne heads to Liverpool to die in peace

by | 13th, July 2013

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WE’RE not looking for sharks in the seas off Britain this silly season. We’re looking for former footballer Paul Gascoigne having a drink, or “committing suicide”, the Sun calls it.

THE Sun today calls on Britain’s pub landlords and shopkeepers to help save Paul Gascoigne’s life — by refusing to sell him alcohol.

That Gascoigne has issues with booze is well documented. But the Sun has turned one man’s tipple into nationwide campaign:

 “Our plea to pubs, shops and fans: Don’t give Gazza drink”

The Sun-branded “cut out and keep” poster of Gazza will be slapped on a wall to tell one and all:

“Once, Gazza inspired the nation. Maybe the nation can save him”

By ‘nation’ the Sun means the Sun newspaper.


Look out for Gascoigne heading to Liverpool, where the Sun is hated and posters will not be shown. Or he could head to the internet, via which you can order booze to be delivered to your door. But, then, that won’t mean off licences sticking up big Sun logos in their shops.

But the message is clear: if you care about a man’s life, stop him drinking. Watch his every move.  The Sun won’t support hacking his phone and internet connections, but if you do, well, that’s your look out. It could save Gazza’s life. Just saying.

We’re watching you Paul ‘troubled’ Gascoigne. We are all watching you all the time. We are checking your drinks for booze, wondering about your internal organs and cabbaging your brain. There is no escape, Gazza, even death is not an option…


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And lest we forget:

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