Anorak News | Edinburgh and Leeds University ban on Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is racist

Edinburgh and Leeds University ban on Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is racist

by | 4th, October 2013


ROBIN Thicke’s hit has everyone’s knickers in a twist. The Universities of Kingston, Edinburgh, Leeds, Derby and West Scotland have banned their students unions from playing one of year’s biggest hits. The righteous students have censored the Top Ten, just like the BBC did in the unenlightened 1970s, when the likes of The Kinks, Paul McCartney, the Sex Pistols and Judge Dread were all banned.

Granted, Macca never did rap “ I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two”, which it turns out is not a reference to a late-night Ultra Chilli Kebab from Big Ahmed’s Van but something illegal in Qatar. And Macca never did grope naked birds on his videos. Yes, he posed with dead babies. But naked women is so. well, offensive to “good girls” who don’t enjoy posing in the nude and being awakened to the magic of sex by Thicke’s dick.

So. Is Blurred Linesrapey“, cursed with a hefty undertow of sexual violence? “You know you want it”, says Thicke. It’s a line this victim of rape has heard before.

But isn’t this getting at Thicke a bit sad? Plenty of rappers and R&B artist have said far cruder things and not been banned. Nelly’s ‘Tip Drill’ video is free to air on YouTube. Writhing honeys high on molly, hooch and hip-hop are the mainstay of  their rap videos.

What’s the problem? Maybe it’s because Thicke is white?

The people who ban Thicke are white. Do they see in his gyrating the white man pretending to be black, tapping into what they see as ok for those baser, more spiritual, more sexualised others but oh-so-wrong for the white boys? It’s entertainment segregation. Black men sell ‘urban’ music. They do not present shows on BBC Radio 3, The Budget or Newsnight. If they do anything less ghetto in showbiz – a doctor on EastEnders, the ITV weatherman, the head of the CIA – they are role models. This is why God is always a black man in film and TV. The whites who make the show feel a need to remind the viewers that black men can be good men. It’s patronising. And it’s bigoted.

And Robin Thicke is the latest victim. He’s white. He can better than grinding women and boasting about his todger. Get a load of that nice white girl Miley Cyrus backing into his on the MTV awards. Sure, black women and men do it like that all the time in music videos and stage acts. But these people are white. Assume the missionary position. The white Union demands it…


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