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The 11 Best Football Red Cards

by | 8th, November 2013

PEOPLE say that a red card can spoil a decent game of football. Nonsense. It adds a layer of wonderful jeopardy into proceedings and, more to the point, sometimes they’re really very funny.

There have been some mystifying red cards over the years (players getting sent off for mistaken identity or getting three yellows before leaving the pitch) and some have just been brilliant.

With that, let us look at some of the more fun ones.


1. Don’t get a decision going your way? Indulge in some ‘simulation’. That didn’t work? Jab your opponent in the balls, right in front of the referee.

2. Anything that makes Ronaldinho smile is okay by us. So, this accidental red he got is worthy of inclusion.


3. Want a quick red card? You got it.


4. Is there anything more amusing than watching someone getting sent off for time-wasting in a football match, that you’ve paid good money to see?


5. Red cards need more drama, like this one that flies through the air.


6. Sending my team mate off? Don’t think so mate.


7. Some sendings off are best presented without comment.


8. A beautiful goal is scored! Hurray! A weird celebration ensues. SENT OFF.


9. Here’s a sending off where a player totally doesn’t get away with it.


10. This player gets the boot.


11. And finally, a sending off based around someone’s genitals.

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