Anorak News | Where’s Wallaby: Caring Animal Experts Kill The Highgate Bouncer

Where’s Wallaby: Caring Animal Experts Kill The Highgate Bouncer

by | 10th, November 2013

THE Wallaby spotted hopping around Highgate Cemetery is dead.

The experts caught the marsupial – some say he’s the reincarnation of Karl Marx, TV prankster Jeremy Beadle or murdered KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko.


Visitor and volunteer coordinator Melanie Wynyard said: “To spot a wallaby in London is quite strange.”

The wallaby was spotted bounding around the local streets.


The wallaby found its way to a children’s playground, from where it was “rescued” by the RSPCA.


London wallaby


Having spent days trying to get to the swings, it was noticed that the wallaby had a poorly foot. The RSPCA took the wallaby to the exotic animal reception centre near Heathrow airport. Experts decided to operate. But the wallaby never recovered from the anaesthetic. It’s as dead as the people whose graves it famously bounced on.

You can read about the Highgate Wallaby in the new children’s book Where’s Wallaby – He’s Dead And Incinerated.

Wallaby highgate

Says another expert: “It’s what he would have wanted. He considered a burial but opted for cremation.”


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