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The Daily Mail Amidst The Goat-Worshipping Romanian Invaders: What Really Happened

by | 27th, November 2013

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ON November 10, 2013, Louis Eccles had news of the Rogarains, that marauding tribe of ne’er-do-wells heading from Bulgaria and Romania to enslave your kids and nick your granny’s mattress:

“In January, the only thing left will be the goat’: Romanian father-of-seven’s boast as mayor says half the population of his villages are on their way to Britain for the higher salaries and generous benefits”

Why the other half are staying, we weren’t not told but it’s most likely because they fancy the goat, whom they most likely worship with black magick.

Remus Neda, 37, is heading for the UK to take advantage of state handouts

The swine!

He makes most of his money by begging on the streets of Paris

So. He’s already left the village for Paris?

People in the villages of Berini and Uliuc live in abject poverty

The goat’s the lucky one. He has his own coat and straw bed.

Are forced to sleep in cramped clay huts surrounded by 20 of their relatives

Always 20. That’s the local bylaw. Less than 20 and you’re made to stay awake and breed quickly.

Mayor Koller Gabriel-Adrian claimed villagers were leaving ‘because they do not have anything here’

The goat, dude. The goat is not nothing.

Above a photo of smiling people stood in front of a brick building (not clay?) and the caption proclaiming “MASS EXODUS”, Eccles wrote:

The mayor of two Romanian villages has claimed that up to half of their residents will move to the UK when restrictions are lifted in January. Koller Gabriel-Adrian said he believed ‘50 per cent’ of the 1,100 people in poverty-stricken Berini and Uliuc could travel to Britain in search of higher salaries – and the generous welfare system – in the New Year.


Mr Gabriel-Adrian, the mayor of Sacosu Turcesc, which encompasses these villages, said: ‘I think it is possible that half of the people in Berini and Uliuc, the Romanian and Roma people, will go to the UK next year… Reflecting growing tensions in Romania, he singled out the Roma community as the most likely to move, saying: ‘It is not a bad thing for us that they want to go somewhere else in Europe.

Much like the Mail which once labelled the Roma gypsies as “FAGIN’S HEIRS“.

Meanwhile,. Romanian newspaper Adevarul went to check out the story. With thanks to Google Translate, we bring you their version of events:

British journalists made up a story

WHAT? Take out cash and now call us liars, would yer!

Journalists Cristian Franţ and Vali Silaghi took time out from writing letters offering to undercut the Daily Mail’s staff to report that the Mail got everything right apart from the facts. They claim the goat was an invention.

Remus Neda, native of Berini, said that two weeks ago hewas visited by a lady from England and asked if he would be willing to work for her after January 1, 2014. She would secure salary and other benefits for the whole family in the UK. “How can I not go if I was offered something so good? She told me that I could work in either construction or picking strawberries and other agriculture. She offered a house in London. I’d have nice paycheck, and my children would receive greater benefit from their state, and free health insurance,” said Remus Neda.

The Mail makes not mention of any job offer or an English woman making it.

Remus says he worked in Paris in the construction industry. He did “honest work abroad”.

“I cannot believe they put something in my mouth… Even if I had to choose, I would go to France, not England! They offered me the job. I’m not begging anything. And why would I not accept work in another country than remain here in poverty?  I do not even own a goat. Take a look around and check… The only reality from the British journalists about the man in Berini is that he has seven children and lives in a poor house.  The house, however, is not of clay but burnt brick.”

Mayor Koller says his words were misinterpreted: “It’s not fair what they wrote. I spoke about only 50 percent of Roma citizens from a village of 200 who might go to England when restrictions are lifted. I did not mean half the population of Romania…”

Such are the facts.



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