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TSA Seize Monkey’s Gun

by | 10th, December 2013

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THE TSA has been molesting and groping Americans for fun. And now it wants to steal your monkey guns.

Phyllis May of Redmond, Washington, lost her monkey gun in St. Louis. Travelling with stuffed monkey cowboy Rooster Monkburn – the cowboy sock monkey – the pair came before the TSA agent of instant justice.

She is “appalled and shocked and embarrassed all at the same time” about what happened.  “His pistol was in there,” she says of the sock monkey. “I noticed one of my bags was missing. The [TSA agent] held it up and said ‘whose is this?’ I realized oh, my God this is my bag. The agents went through the bag, moving my sewing kit. She said ‘this is a gun,’” said May. “I said no, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey. She said ‘If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn’t know if it was real or not,’ and I said ‘really?’ And I said really? You’re kidding me right, and she said no it looks like a gun. She took my monkey’s gun.

“Rooster Monkburn has been disarmed so I’m sure everyone on the plane was safe.” 

File under: knit wits.

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