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Nathan Rao’s Killer Christmas: Daily Express Weather Man Predicts 100 Days of Death

by | 22nd, December 2013

ON October 12 2013, the Daily Express told us to expect the “WORST WINTER FOR DECADES“:



Worst winter for decades: Record-breaking snow predicted for November

By the 28th, things had gotten worse:

Now get ready for an ‘Ice Age’ as experts warn of Siberian winter ahead

On November 13, Nathan Rao told readers:

Winter 2013 into 2014 is forecast to be “exceptionally severe” with above-average snowfall and plunging temperatures. Long-range weather forecasts warn of bitter Arctic gales leading to feet-deep snow drifts right up until February.

It was a “horror winter”, said Rao.

November 16: the “KILLER WINTER”  freeze is claiming lives:



Senior doctors fear predictions of the worst winter weather for decades, with temperatures as low as -15C (5F), will lead to a crisis on over-stretched wards. Experts say 25,000 elderly people die every year from the cold and this year’s toll could be even higher.

On the 16, Rao said people would die:

The country is on alert for a swathe of freezing air from the North Pole to roar in and send temperatures plummeting towards or below zero..The big chill could set in for weeks and last night it sparked fears of increased illness or death among the elderly who may ­struggle to heat their homes after recent energy bill price rises.

On November 17, Nathan Rao had worse news:

100 DAYS 100 DAYS OF HEAVY SNOW: Britain now facing worst winter in SIXTY YEARS warn forecasters

LONG-RANGE weather forecasters have warned that Britain should prepare for heavy and persistent snow for up to THREE MONTHS with winter 2013 set to be the worst in more than 60 years…WHOLE of Britain should be prepared for this winter to be the most severe since 1947, which saw the UK hit by relentless snow and some of the lowest temperatures on record.

November 20: it was awful:

The latest detailed forecasts for winter 2013 all point towards months of relentless extreme cold with heavy snow ‘extremely likely’ across the country. Experts in long-range weather forecasting said the whole of Britain should be prepared for this winter to be the most severe since 1947, which saw the UK hit by relentless snow and some of the lowest temperatures on record.

On 21st, it was Snowmageddon:

Health risk to millions as Arctic plunge hits Britain

100 days. No. Longer. November 22: Rao had more dire warnings:

WINTER 2013 TO BE LONGEST IN HISTORY: Heavy snow could fall until MAY warn forecasters. BRITAIN is facing an unprecedented SIX MONTH winter with long-range forecasters warning relentless heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures could last until MAY. Long-range forecasts now point to winter 2013 now being the worst for more than 60 years with Polar conditions stretching right into the beginning of next spring.

By November 27, Rao had moved on. What snow?

…it has felt comparatively mild in parts of the UK over the past few days with temperatures even nudging double figures in parts.

Rao added on December 12:

The grim warnings follow predictions Britain could be facing the worst winter in decades.

It will be the the “CHRISTMAS FROM HELL“.

On December 21, Rao had stopped talking of death to talk of wonderlands:

BRITAIN is on course for its first proper White Christmas in DECADES with forecasters now predicting widespread snow across the country on Christmas morning… There has only been a widespread covering of snow on the ground four times in the last 51 years – but that could all finally change in winter 2013, with a traditional Yuletide scene a real possibilty as families wake up on Christmas morning.

Killer snow is good for families – well, if you want granny’s inheritance cash it is.

Jo Willey then had more bad news for those of you waiting for Santa to bring you a frozen granny’s savings: On December 21, she wrote:

MOST families are set for a flu-free Christmas as new figures reveal just half the number of cases compared to this time last year. Fewer people are ill with flu this festive season Fewer people are ill with flu this festive season  An unusually mild start to winter suggests the virus is yet to take hold.




The final word is with the BBC:

…as the winter solstice approaches on Saturday, there hasn’t really been a lot of significantly cold weather of which to speak. Will there be any snow on the Christmas horizon? The new week dawns following a night of temperature contrasts, with very mild air for the time of year over southern areas this time…  The week ahead remains changeable, offering further mild weather at times… As we enter Christmas week and make dashes to the shops for the last-minute gifts, the weather will hold no surprises as conditions look set to continue mild… temperatures will probably stay around normal across the United Kingdom.

Such are the facts.

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