Anorak News | Canada Bans Mr Badger’s Penguins: Let’s Club Them To Death

Canada Bans Mr Badger’s Penguins: Let’s Club Them To Death

by | 24th, January 2014

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CANADA has closed it borders to Marmite, Irn Bru, Bovril and Penguin bars.

A Mr – get this – Tony Badger,  owner of a British foods shop in Saskatoon, central Canada, says his goods have been impounded. He told CKOM news: ““My understanding was we were importing legally. We’ve been declaring it through a customs broker and we’ve never had an issue until now.”

Here’s a look around the shop, with authentic 1950s intermission music in keeping with the general theme of Canada being 60 years behind the UK:


Mr Badger says letter states his goods contained illegal substance:s  Irn Bru contains Ponceau 4R food colouring; and Marmite, Lucozade, Penguin Bars and Bovril are “enriched with vitamins and minerals” banned by Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

However, a quick look reveals that Canadians looking for their fix can buy Marmite at other local stores.





But if Mr Badger’s Penguins have been banned can they be unbanned? Can we show those health-conscious Canadians that these tea-time treats can be made by clubbing penguins to death on the ice and then covering them in chocolate?


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