Anorak News | Aberdeen FC And The Human League Present The 11 Greatest Footballer Chants (Volume 1)

Aberdeen FC And The Human League Present The 11 Greatest Footballer Chants (Volume 1)

by | 20th, March 2014




UNEXPECTEDLY to most, the Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me?’ went top ten midweek. No-one really knew why, especially die-in-the-wool Human League fans. Everyone was pleased all the same.

However, what had happened was Aberdeen FC fans (with excellent taste it has to be said) had been buying the song in droves after they rejigged the famous chorus into “Peter Pawlett baby!”

So with that, let us look at Aberdeen fans being brilliant and some of the other magnificent football fan reworkings of famous pop songs. Some of them might even be better than the originals!


“Peter Pawlett Baby!”

As mentioned, The Dons rewording of ‘Don’t You Want Me?’ is named after one of the fans’ favourite players. And what a joyous racket they make!




Liverpool sings The Beatles

On The Kop in the 60s, Liverpool broke into song when ‘She Loves You’ blared out on the tannoy. Luckily, the BBC were on hand to capture it on film for one of the most wonderful football clips ever. If you don’t swoon and grin at the ‘Oooooh‘ bit, you’re beyond saving.




What’s that coming over the hill?

When The Automatic recorded ‘Monster’, they wouldn’t have ever guessed it was going to become a football chant. Bolton fans sang it about Anelka and, here on video, Swansea fans sang it about their beloved Michael Chopra. A wonderful, wonderful terrace chant!




“And after all, you’re my Alan Ball…”

As you know, Oasis are big Manchester City fans, so it was only a matter of time before one of their songs got the terrace treatment. However, no-one would have guessed that Noel Gallagher’s ballad, ‘Wonderwall’, would’ve been turned into a tribute to Alan Ball.


English Premiership  - Manchester City v Liverpool



Stoke City’s ‘Delilah’

Stoke are famed for singing the Tom Jones murder-ballad, ‘Delilah’. Fans haven’t changed the lyrics – they simply sing it as it is. Why? Well, there’s a few versions of reasons why, and some of them, you’ll find here.




“Little Pea”

Manchester United striker, Javier Hernandez has a nickname that translates into ‘Little Pea’. When Man Utd fans got hold of that information, they looked to The Beatles for inspiration, singing “When I find myself in times of trouble, Chicharito scores for me, Javier Hernandez – Little Pea“. Marvellous.





“Fellaini is just to good to be true”

If Man United fans don’t love Marouane Fellaini, Everton fans certainly did. They got Andy Williams’ ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ and reworked the words thusly: “Marouane Fellaini, you are the love of my life, Marouane Fellaini I’ll let you shag my wife, I want curly hair too.” Delightful.




Sunderland fans, perhaps, make the greatest song in the world

Sunderland fans, when singing to their goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet, came up with a take on ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ which is in with a shout for being the greatest football chant, ever!




“Ooooh Diaby”

Oddly, Arsenal fans chose the tricky, swingin’ Dean Martin number ‘Volare’ for their praise of Abu Diaby.




Phil Brown goes Beach Boys

Hull stay up and Phil Brown starts singing the terraced version of ‘Sloop John B’. Browny has previous though. When he was a player with Bolton Wanderers, he starred in an embarrassing video where he was seen singing with teammate Keith Branagan.





“Mark Viduka”

Not a chant, but always worthy of inclusion. A parody of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, changed into a song all about Boro’s Mark Viduka.


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