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Who Would You Trust More, Paddington Bear or Farage?

by | 25th, April 2014

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WHO wants to be Nigel Farage’s PA? That’s not euphemism. You won’t have to sleep with him. He’s not a Cabinet Minister.

Granted, his current PA does get to inhale his man-of-the-people’s breath after a night in the Pint & Castella. HE;s his wife – his German-born wife. And he can enter the contest to find her replacement on the website of recruitment firm Xpat Jobs.

She might even win and keep her job, because the Ukip leader told the BBC only his German wife is capable of being his assistant. He aid it paid only “a very modest salary for working extremely unsociable hours for me and being available up to seven days a week”.

The Ukip poster says millions of unemployed Europeans are after British jobs. Immigrants like Mrs Farage. 

The ad “PA Wanted For Top European Politician” went up. Candidates would”‘be able to work long and some unsociable hours up to seven days a week”.

And 764 applications were field in just 12 hours; 649 were from UK nationals, while others came in from Poles, Romanians and more Germans.

Maybe it’s time for a new Ukip poster, like the one above spotted by @drlangtry_girl, who quips: “Who Would You Trust More, Paddington Bear or Farage?” 

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