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Look Natural Ed: The Best Of Ed Miliband V Food And Cameras

by | 23rd, May 2014

ED Miliband only needs a baby blue bow in his hair to look more like a gift to the Tory election strategy.

Anorak’s problem with him is that he can’t speak properly. His inability say even the most basic words without sounding like a balloon fating out the last vestiges of air grates.

Politically, he’s limp. After years of coalition rule, the Labour Party hasn’t laid a glove on the Tories. Their Plan A seems to have been to sit back and let UKIP destroy the Conservatives. But they failed to realise that UKIPs job was to smash the BNP and many Labour voters don’t like foreigners much, either. After all, it was the Labour Government that made Romanians and Bulgarians second-class Europeans by keeping then out of Britain when those two nations joined the EU in January 2007. Romanians and Bulgarian had to wait seven years to join the Poles in the UK. The Labour Party failed to spot that its own illiberal polities were not all that different to UKIP’s. 


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They are surely heading for defeats at the next election.

But before Ed goes, he’s being turned into laughing stock:




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