Anorak News | Florida Woman Gets Third Breast Implanted To Deter Men (Photos)

Florida Woman Gets Third Breast Implanted To Deter Men (Photos)

by | 22nd, September 2014

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THE British Association of Bra Makers salutes the work of Tampa massage therapist, Jasmine Tridevil, who underwent surgery to get just a third breast – and give the bra business a new lease of life.

Tridevil (real name?) tells Orlando’s Real Radio 104.1 that the trio of breasts  (or Tridevil Dumplings as they must be called) cost her $20,000.

She says:

“It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they’re breaking the code of ethic.”

The medics used silicone and skin tissue from her stomach to create the breast and a tattoo to make a nipple.

But why did she do it?

She said it was to become “unattractive to men”.

How long before she tests her theory at a strip joint near you? She is, after all, MsVegas on Instagram.

And, by the way, men will shag anything. Nothing is safe…

i beat women tridevil

PS: Ms Tridevil looks a lot like Alisha Hessler. In December 2013, Mrs Hessler was in the news:

She says she met the man Saturday night when friends of hers brought him along to go clubbing. But on the way home, Hessler says he started making unwanted sexual advances toward her in the backseat of the car. She says she asked him to stop, then hit him when he didn’t.

“That’s when he started beating me repeatedly until I had a broken nose and a concussion,” Hessler said.

Sunday morning police were called to her house and a police report was filed. Hessler was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

But in a peculiar turn of events, she decided to not press charges. Hessler found the man on Facebook, who we’re choosing not to name given the circumstances, and gave him the following ultimatum. “I can either press charges and have you arrested for a year or I can have you sit outside at a busy intersection for eight hours holding up a sign that says I beat women,” Hessler said.

Interesting, eh. The alleged assailant is one Gabriel Urena. He makes films and care about human rights. At least that’s what it says on his Linked In profile.

She features on a crime website, accused of: “1 FRAUDULENT USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION.”


Here she is explaining what a ‘Happy Meal’ is. Ms Hassler is billed as a “massage therapist“:

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Anyhow, here’s the lovely lady who knows how to make it into the news:


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