Anorak News | FAIL: Elle Magazine Thanks ‘David Miliband’ Not Ed For Supporting It’s Feminist T-Shirt Balls

FAIL: Elle Magazine Thanks ‘David Miliband’ Not Ed For Supporting It’s Feminist T-Shirt Balls

by | 27th, October 2014

ELLE magazine has a campaign. It wants men to wear T-shirts declaring themselves feminists. Ed Miliband pulled one on. Nick Clegg pulled one on. But David Cameron didn’t. Good for him. Perhaps he saw it for the bollocks it is. Or peharps he just thought ordering an Xtra Large a bit revealing.


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Today ELLE magazine asks:

“Why is David Cameron so afraid to call himself a feminist?”

Afraid to do what a magazine asks him to. Elle is so very politically minded. Just look at what its editor-in-chief of ELLE, Lorraine Candy, said (via the New Statesman):

We asked the Prime Minister five times if he would wear the Fawcett Society’s iconic This Is What A Feminist Looks Like slogan T-shirt and send us a snapshot (it would only take 10 minutes). Five times, he declined. This is a shame on so many levels, especially given he knew Nick Clegg and David Miliband had agreed without hesitation, alongside many other influential men who were more than happy to call themselves feminists. It seems the Prime Minister still has an issue with the word “feminist”.

I was personally disappointed that we couldn’t feature Mr Cameron in our Feminism Issue because it is ELLE’s aim to engage with men in the fight for equality: because of parliament’s current gender imbalance, it is men who have the power to make changes in every area of British women’s lives. When the man in charge doesn’t engage, it doesn’t bode well. Given the huge international male support for UN Women’s #HeForShe campaign, it does rather make our Prime Minister look like the odd one out.

David Miliband? You might want to check the name tag in Ed’s free T-shirt…

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