Anorak News | Tabloid Tropes: the Daily Star holds the front page for Big Brother

Tabloid Tropes: the Daily Star holds the front page for Big Brother

by | 4th, December 2014

The Daily Star (prop. Richard Desmond) often leads with news of Big Brother, the show on Channel 5 (prop. R. Desmond).

Do the ownber’s business interests impace on the Star’s editorial policy? Of course not. It’s just that Big Brother (peop. R. Desmond) is such huge news is must be on the front page. These headlines appeared on the paper of record in 2014. We haven’t included the small front-page snippets, just the big splashes:

Daily_Star_Weekend_4_1_2014 Daily_Star_6_1_2014 Daily_Star_7_1_2014 Daily_Star_8_1_2014 Daily_Star_9_1_2014 Daily_Star_10_1_2014

Daily_Star_Weekend_11_1_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_12_1_2014 Daily_Star_14_1_2014 Daily_Star_15_1_2014 Daily_Star_16_1_2014 Daily_Star_17_1_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_18_1_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_19_1_2014 Daily_Star_20_1_2014 Daily_Star_21_1_2014 Daily_Star_22_1_2014 Daily_Star_23_1_2014 Daily_Star_24_1_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_25_1_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_26_1_2014 Daily_Star_27_1_2014 Daily_Star_28_1_2014 Daily_Star_29_1_2014 Daily_Star_30_1_2014 Daily_Star_31_1_2014 Daily_Star_3_1_2014 (1) Daily_Star_Weekend_4_1_2014 (1) Daily_Star_7_8_2014 Daily_Star_11_8_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_9_8_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_17_8_2014 Daily_Star_18_8_2014 Daily_Star_19_8_2014 Daily_Star_20_8_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_23_8_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_24_8_2014 Daily_Star_25_8_2014 Daily_Star_26_8_2014 Daily_Star_27_8_2014 Daily_Star_8_9_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_7_9_2014 Daily_Star_Weekend_6_9_2014






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