Anorak News | Princess Beatrice implicated in North Korean hacking shocker

Princess Beatrice implicated in North Korean hacking shocker

by | 8th, December 2014

Daily_Mirror_8_12_2014Princess Beatrice has been ‘HACKED”.

Not to death. Her phone calls have been recorded. This hacking has to do with her salary.

As the Mirror reports:

Hackers working for North Korea are thought to have been behind the security breach in revenge for a new film The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. It mocks the country’s leader Kim Jong-un.

Hacking, eh. Good of the trusty Mirror to expose such atrocious goings on.

Her “salary for her job with Sony Pictures has been revealed by hackers who attacked the film-maker. The 26-year-old earned £19,500 a year as an intermediate coordinating producer in the company’s London office.

The hackers, calling themselves Guardians of Peace, forwarded her pay details and her address, listed as Windsor, Berkshire, directly to media organisations in America.

The poor woman can’t afford a place in London on her salary. Her commuting costs must be crippling.

The Mail adds:

During the hack last Monday, sensitive medical files, email exchanges, pay details and other private information about staff were stolen.

Poor Priucness Bea. Unless… she’s been leaking secrets to the North Koreans for years. But where would she hide the transmitter?


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