Anorak News | Prince Andrew sex scandal: Sky Roberts, the Queen’s Virginia massage and Thailand calling

Prince Andrew sex scandal: Sky Roberts, the Queen’s Virginia massage and Thailand calling

by | 5th, January 2015

The story of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, the woman who alleges he shagged her when she was underage, rumbles on.

Today Her Majesty the Queen is the star turn in the dock of public opinion.


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Poor old Queeny, getting dragged into her feckless son’s mess. And it would be Randy Andy, wouldn’t it, the Prince Harry prototype, the spare-to-the-heir’s war veteran and shagger. If Pricne Charles were getting an ‘erotic massage’ from a teenager, as the fragrant Roberts alleges, he’d still be checking the oils for ethical sources and apologising to the grass for stealing its essentials. Prince Edward would have kept his vest, Y-fronts and brogues on.

So. It’s Andy.

The Mail catches up with Virginia Roberts’ father, Sky:

The father of the woman who alleges she was forced to have under-age sex with Prince Andrew said yesterday that he should be prosecuted if the claims were true. Sky Roberts, 58, also claimed his daughter Virginia had been introduced to the Queen while visiting London with billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein. Mr Roberts spoke out to support his daughter, who is now 30, and said her claims should be tested in court.

Make a cliam and it’s straight to court. No need for proof, evidence, facts or any other barrier to justice.

Sky Roberts (left), the father of the woman (right, Virginia Roberts aged seven) who alleges she was forced to have under-age sex with Prince Andrew, said he he should be prosecuted if the claims were true…

Her father said: ‘I brought up my children and that includes Virginia to always tell the truth … Why would she lie?’

Is that a rhetorical question? Because if we’re going to guess why someone might claim they’d been ‘raped’ by a very rich and famous man, we could do so. We’d ask why an underage Virginia ran away from home, as has been reported? Why did she marry a man after knowing him for just 10 days? We could go on. But the question is rhetorical.

Mr Roberts added: ‘Virginia told me a few years back that she met Prince Andrew when she went to London and she also said while they were there she met the Queen … [Virginia] had been flown to London by Jeffrey. He would fly her all over the world and she would give him massages on his private jet.’




The Palace issues denial after denial:


‘This relates to long-standing and ongoing civil proceedings in the United States, to which the Duke of York is not a party. As such we would not comment on the detail. However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.’


‘A very serious allegation, of sex with a minor, was levelled at the duke in a legal document submitted to a US court. The earlier statement categorically rejected that claim; and as was indicated at the time, we do not intend to comment further.’


‘It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.’

Did she massage Her Maj? 

The legal allegation states that Miss Roberts was ‘forced’ to have sex with the royal at parties in London, New York and the Caribbean. She claims she was told to ‘give the prince whatever he demanded’ by his friend Epstein – the US paedophile who hosted the parties – and that she was converted ‘into what is commonly referred to as a sex slave’.

The story goes that the sex slave Roberts was sent by the depraved Epstein to learn massage in Thailand. It was there she met her current husband and embarked on a new life. Experts in slavery may review if the people transporting men and women to the Americas from Africa were therapists.

But what really naile Randy Andy is this line in the Telegraph:

As Prince Andrew flew home from a skiing holiday in Switzerland to prepare to face fresh allegations…

Work. Work. Work. Still, at least he’s not dull.

In other news:

Prince Andrew could face a police investigation if a formal complaint is made against him to Scotland Yard.

If Roberts really wants to get the craven British police intersted, she only need do one thing: call Andrew a rapist on Twitter.


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