Anorak News | Prince Andrew sex scandal: Sarah Ferguson, prostitutes and what the sex slave’s lover saw

Prince Andrew sex scandal: Sarah Ferguson, prostitutes and what the sex slave’s lover saw

by | 6th, January 2015

The Prince Andrew sex scandal continues to entertain.

The Sun leads with the story of Randy Andy and fragrant Virginia Roberts, who claims the prince shagged her when she was 17.

The age of consent in Florida is 18.

But the really grim news is that Sarah Ferguson is back!


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Last seen allegedly pimping Prince Andrew out in a New of The World scoop (“FERGIE sells Andy for £500,000”), good old Sarah is her to keep her former husband’s stock high.

Her grand entrance into the ooze is best told by the Daily Mail:

The Duchess of York launched an extraordinary defence of her former husband Prince Andrew today, describing him as ‘the greatest man there is’. Sarah Ferguson appeared in public for the first time since the Duke of York was accused of having sex with an under-age girl in a US court.

The Duchess has kept a low profile at the luxury Swiss ski chalet where she has been holidaying with Andrew and their younger daughter Eugenie. But today she emerged from the £22,000-a-week chalet and went for a mountain walk dressed in black sportswear.

Choosing her words carefully, she declined to comment directly on the scandal engulfing her former husband.  Asked by the Daily Mail if she was sticking by the Duke, she replied: ‘The York family is a tight unit. We’ve always been a tight unit.

‘He is the greatest man there is. It was the finest moment of my life in 1986 when I married him. He is a great man, the best man in the world.’


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She is the gift that keeps on giving, a work that is beyond parody. The Mail then draws a few more nails and rises a big hammer:

Sarah made no mention of the £15,000 she received from Epstein in December 2010 to help her pay off her mounting debts.

The deal was struck some 18 months after Epstein was released from jail for soliciting prostitution from under-age girls. It came within days of the duke flying out to visit Epstein in New York, fuelling speculation he had smoothed the path for his ex-wife to take the money.

Sarah later claimed her judgment had been ‘clouded’ by her desperation to get out of her £5million debt and vowed to repay the money.

The Mail rakes over the details:

Sarah Ferguson was once given £15,000 from paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to pay off her debts. The deal was struck in December 2010 after months of negotiations with the disgraced tycoon who insisted on helping with her financial troubles.

It came within days of the Duke of York flying out to visit Epstein in New York, fuelling speculation he had smoothed the path for his ex-wife to take the money just 18 months after he was released from jail for soliciting prostitution from under-age girls…

But when asked today whether she had paid back the cash, her spokesman told MailOnline: ‘No comment’.

As we turn that over and watch the royal liggers squirm, the Sun has more:

THE woman at the centre of the Prince Andrew “sex slave” allegations did not have a good word to say about the royal, her ex-boyfriend said yesterday.

Well, many don’t. But maybe her judgement was “clouded”?

Virginia Roberts told Anthony Figueroa the Prince “didn’t act very royally” — and that she felt pressure to sleep with Andrew from his paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein. Anthony, 32, dated Virginia, 30, when she was 17.

So. She went out with an older man willingly when she was underage under Florida law? Did she and Anthony shag in Florida? Just asking…

He says he would see her for two weeks out of every month — and she would spend the rest of the time with Epstein, who recruited her as a masseuse at 15.

Is that what a “sex slave” is, a young woman who get time off to see her boyfriend?

In an exclusive interview, Anthony revealed Virginia called him from a mansion and hinted Epstein was pushing her into sex with Andrew. He said: “She told me Jeffrey was being really pushy. She asked, ‘How do you feel about it?’ And I was like, ‘Well obviously you know how I feel about it’. She told me she was really scared of Jeffrey. There was nothing I could do.”

What about when she was with you for two weeks every month? Could you not have rescued her from slavery?

The barman, from Daytona Beach, Florida, added: “She said she was scared because she didn’t know how angry Jeffrey would get. When it came to the Prince I didn’t hear anything good. She said he wasn’t acting very royally.”

You mean he was decent, loyal, caring, sensible, humble, humane, self-aware, disciplined, warm, intelligent, funny, generous and open-minded? Most royals we know and have ever read about are greedy, vain, stupid, haughty, cynical, vulgar, rude, materialistic, lazy, caustic bastards.

Well done Andy for being nothing like a typical royal.

The Sun then adds:

There is no suggestion Prince Andrew was aware of any pressure being exerted on Virginia.

But the sex?

In a lawsuit filed against Epstein last week, she claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew in London, New York and then in an orgy in the Caribbean. Her allegations are vigorously denied by the Duke of York. She was photographed with the Duke in London in 2001 and claimed in a 2011 interview she was paid £10,000 by Epstein after one of their sex sessions.

£10,000 a shag, allegedly. Hear that, Fergie?

Anthony added: “It was around 2001. She told me quite a bit about Jeffrey. I think the first time I spoke to her about it she was in New York and she said she was meeting them again and I think that was when she was in the Caribbean. She was with Jeffrey two weeks out of every month, flying around with them everywhere.”

Thank goodness trusty Anthony was there to look after young, chaste Virginia:

Anthony admitted he was also roped into finding new girls for Epstein, 61 — caged in 2008 for soliciting sex with an underage girl.


He also revealed: “She used to take girls to Jeffrey’s house for ‘massages’. She would always ask me to try to find girls for him. I kind of assumed what was going on but she never came out and said, ‘They are making me have sex for money’. I used to go to his mansion. There would be at least four or five girls, wearing bikinis. They would go up to the massage room and do whatever they did. I never witnessed anything but I could make the assumption. The girls would leave with lots of money when they didn’t have any to begin with.”

So. What does he know?

Dad-of-one Anthony said the couple were together for 18 months and had talked about having kids before her turmoil ruined the relationship. They split after he read her diary revealing her most distressing secrets and Epstein sent her to a massage school in Thailand.

Anthony put her on the plane and has not seen her since.

Well, no. She went to Thailand, where she met an Australian. They married after ten days together. She now lives in the US.

He added: “She has had a difficult life and I hope she finally recovers from this and finds some happiness.”

What aboutb the case?

The Indy has news:

Prince Andrew sex allegations: Documents about Duke of York’s support for Jeffrey Epstein ‘concealed’ by US court

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 07.04.57


Documents that could reveal the extent of any lobbying by Prince Andrew on behalf of the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are being kept out of the public eye after the millionaire financier obtained a court order declaring any such material confidential.


Lawyers acting for a woman who claims that she was forced to sleep with the Duke of York when she was a teenager alleged that he vouched for Epstein while the billionaire financier was negotiating a plea bargain with US prosecutors about an investigation into sex with underage girls.

In a highly unusual media counter-offensive, Buckingham Palace has twice issued denials that the Prince slept with Virginia Roberts on three occasions between 1999 and 2002 in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island during an orgy.

Actually , there have been three denials from the Palace. It is in full panic mode.

Royal aides have also denied any involvement by the Prince in the second element of the allegations made in court documents filed in Florida last week – that Epstein used his “significant social and political connections” to exert pressure for the plea deal which eventually saw him jailed for soliciting underage prostitutes under state law. More serious federal offences were dropped.

Nothing to see here, then. Move along.

A royal official said: “The Duke of York would never interfere in an active legal case and did not do so in this case.”

Lawyers acting for Ms Roberts and three other women, who claim their right to be consulted on the non-prosecution deal was infringed by US prosecutors, believe that documentation exists to show that a number of public figures, including Prince Andrew and the former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, lobbied on Epstein’s behalf during the case. Mr Dershowitz also strongly denies the claim.

Legal documents seen by The Independent said the material potentially includes “letters of recommendation or similar communication to any [US] government official vouching for or providing support for Jeffrey Epstein”.


But under an unpublicised ruling obtained by lawyers for Epstein, the details of the documents cannot be disclosed after it was argued that the negotiations over his plea deal were confidential and should not automatically enter the public domain.

Instead, lawyers for the women must redact any references to the correspondence in their public filings after a judge ruled that Mr Epstein had “shown good cause to prevent potential dissemination… to the press for the purposes of generating publicity”.


In a legal paper opposing the order, Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell, the lawyers for Ms Roberts, said: “There is an overriding interest in having these matters exposed to public light. There is considerable public interest in the question of how a serial child molester could arrange such a lenient plea agreement.”

Yeah. Tell all. Or do we have to wait until everyone is dead to find out the full facts?

If you want the truth, follow the money…

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