Anorak News | Sarah Ferguson name drops Imperial College to get Americans to swallow her crap

Sarah Ferguson name drops Imperial College to get Americans to swallow her crap

by | 15th, January 2015

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Sarah, Duchess of York, is on NBC’s the Today Show talking about herself.  She tells viewers of her work as ambassador for the Institute of Global Health Improvement at Imperial College London.

If your first reaction is to wonder if that institute exists, know that it does. A quick search reveals that “The Institute of Global Health Innovation is working to improve the health of people and reduce health inequalities throughout the world.”

Who knew Fergie was such a boffin? Well, Imperial College didn’t, issuing a statement:

“The commercial activities promoted by Sarah Ferguson in the interview with Today are not connected in any way to Imperial’s staff or research activities, and the college does not endorse the suggestion of any possible link.”

So the “emulsifier” she credits as “a solution for behavioural change” – the nectar that helped her to lose 55lbs and is available to YOU for a knock-down $99 (including: blender, recipe books, workout DVDs)  – is not backed by the UK’s leading science insitute.

Why did no-one think to tell poor Fergie, who trilled:

 “I have just found out on my discoveries with Imperial College London . . . I’m an ambassador for the Institute for Global Health Innovation, and I found out that children, little children, are going to die before their parents because of obesity.”

Professor David Colquhoun of University College London, adds:

“I find it pretty amazing that Imperial chose someone like her to be an ‘ambassador’. Imperial does have an interest in appetite suppression but hasn’t come up with any usable product yet and this research has nothing to do with blenders. “[Her television appearance] was sheer name-dropping, something she’s quite good at. The only ‘discovery’ she seems to have made is that if you eat less you’ll lose weight. The $100 blender has nothing to do with it.”

Lest we take Fergie’s US telly appearance to be a kind of tawdry trading on the reputation of others and when challenged on the scicnce screams ‘but it’s for the dying kids’, her spokesman explains:

“She is not trying to use her association with the institute to promote her personal interests. She was talking about ‘behavioural change’, which is endorsed by the institute, and her own behavioural change.”

Fergie’s former husband, Prince Andrew was unvailable for comment and rumours that he has the body of a 17-year-old are unfounded…

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