Anorak News | Free Speech: The Sun finds a ‘dark-skinned’ capitalist sellling Charlie Hebdo magazines in Gloucestershire

Free Speech: The Sun finds a ‘dark-skinned’ capitalist sellling Charlie Hebdo magazines in Gloucestershire

by | 15th, January 2015

The Sun is cheering for free speech. It is cheering for Ila Aghera, the “defiant” shopkeeper selling copies of Charlie Hebdo magazine to the many French speaskers and peopls who can say “Jew Suis Charlie” in her area. The Sun loves her:

A VILLAGE shopkeeper is defiantly selling the “survivors’ issue” of Charlie Hebdo despite fears she could be targeted by extremists. Ila Aghera, 54, made her brave stand as all three million copies of the satirical magazine sold out in France.

Does she charge more for carriage?

It was published as al-Qaeda chiefs behind last week’s massacre in Paris vowed further atrocities. And a London cafe owner refused to take down his Je Suis Charlie sign despite a death threat from a “raving” Islamist fanatic.

All noble stuff.

She pre-ordered 200 of the 2,000 copies available in the UK. It will not be available until tomorrow but she has already sold out after putting an advert in her shop window in Charlton Kings, Gloucs.

Is she brave for selling the magazine?

Holding back tears, Ila said: “I feel overwhelmed by the amount of people who want copies. The amount of copies people want is my biggest fear, not anything happening.”

Show her the money and stop the tears. Or keep them. The Telegraph says: “According to National News, a copy of the magazine has apparently just sold on Ebay for almost £100,000.” And Ila’s got 200 of them!

Ila, who moved to the UK from Kenya in the 1970s, added: “I already stock another French magazine, so I thought people might want to buy a copy of this one, especially after everything that’s happened.”

Why mention her immigration? Is the Sun showing us the foreigner has adopted our values of free speech. If they are, look out, even the Sun wants poppy burners arrested.

And other Britishers are selling the organ. But they’re white and not featured in the Sun:


Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 19.57.52


Maybe she’s Muslim? Nah. If she were, surely the Sun would identify her as such, as it does with the story of the defiant cafe owner:

A French-born Muslim revealed he faced a death threat over the Je Suis Charlie sign he put outside his cafe in Brick Lane, East London. Adel Defilaux, 32, is refusing to take it down after a “raving” fanatic confronted him on Tuesday.

You see. That’s the Muslim identified in print. Maybe everyone selling the magaine can wear badge or some kind of symbol to show their regligious leanings or race? That would be progress, right?

Adel said: “He was about 30 and dark skinned. Straight away he was saying to me in a very strict way ‘You have to remove that sign’. He said ‘people from my community get offended when they pass by’.”

The dark-skinned community?

He suddenly got aggressive. “He said ‘You have to remove it now, otherwise something bad is going to happen to you’.”

Sent back to France to pay exhorbitant taxes?

“Then he said ‘Those people in Paris deserve to die and everyone supporting them too.’ He threatened to smash up my shop, threatened me, then stormed out.”

The Sun is right behind these signs of “defiance”. And that should make for an intersting editorial meeting with the Sun’s compariots at Sky News, who visibly recoil at the sigh of the dread magazine:




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