Anorak News | Donald Trump’s hair style will make him President

Donald Trump’s hair style will make him President

by | 10th, February 2015

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Donald Trump says his hair tsunami is real. Barbara Walters and Joan Rivers have both touched the hair on the telly. And still the rumours persists that Donald’ Trump’s hair is real – but real what?

A Dr. Sean Bednam, from Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists, looked at 300 photos of Donald Trump, and declared:

“Donald Trump did not have a hair transplant, and, he doesn’t have a toupee. This is all his own hair, and it is exactly how he styled his hair when he was younger.”

So. How do you get the look. In 2008, the Daily Mail explained how:


Donald TRump hair

Wave your hair ‘hello’



This is news today because we’ve been wondering if Don has ‘Presidential Hair’? Becasue he’s thinking about running for the White House, telling the Iowa Freedom Summit:

“If I run for president, and if I win, I would totally succeed in creating jobs, defeating ISIS and stopping the Islamic terrorists—and you have to do that—reducing the budget deficits, so important, have to do it, securing our Southern border, and I mean seriously securing, stopping nuclear weapons in Iran and elsewhere, saving social security, medicare and medicaid without cutting it down to the bone, because it’s not fair to people that have been paying their whole lives and other people, and it’s not fair to future people coming up, and we can do it, repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something far better for the people and far less expensive, both for the people and for the country, and believe me there are plans that are so much better for everybody and everybody can be covered. I’m not saying leave 50 percent of the people out, everybody can be covered. This plan is just a basic disaster.”

So much for the dream, like, totally. But what of the hair?

Not since Gerald Ford snipped and shaved his luxurious golden locks and Dwight Eisenhower shaved and dyed his ‘afro’ has a US Presidential candidate so gamely adopted a new hairstyle to bolster his identity. They all want JFK. But one day they will all want The Don…

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