Anorak News | The tabloid story of Devinder Kainth, Sandro Rottman and not Katie Price nor Princess Beatrice

The tabloid story of Devinder Kainth, Sandro Rottman and not Katie Price nor Princess Beatrice

by | 12th, February 2015

The tabloid story of Devinder Kainth, Sandro Rottman and not Katie Price nor Princess Beatrice in Sotogrande.

By now you’ll be wondering what Katie Price has been up to. How are the kids and her husband-of-the-moment? Today brings new front page of Katie Price news. In “STAR’S LINK TO PERV” (Sun) and “Katie Price link to the German paedo” (Star) the tabloids lead with photos of Price and Sandro Rottman, a 43-year-old who had the misfortune to be killed in a Spanish eatery.


sandro kaith


In 2009, the “killed perv” met Price in Sotogrande, the sprawling golfer holding bay on the Costa del Sol. Both newspapers have a photo of Price posing with Rottman, who very soon after the headlines becomes a “suspected paedophile” (Sun) and “peadophile in inverted commas (Star)

Rottman was arrested in January for allegedly possessing child pornography. He never stood trial.

Price only met him a couple of times when she visited Sotogrande.

And if it is the celebrity angle you crave in this story of brutality and allged child abuse then the Telegraph chimes in with:

Sotogrande is an upmarket resort and has been a favourite of Sarah Ferguson and her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie

Like Price and her children, the princesses never met Rottman.

The Star ups Rottman’s notoriety a notch by saying he “allegedly roamed  the Costa del Sol taking snaps of children leading him to being banned from bars in Stotgtande”.

Did it. There is no proof that any bar bans were based on his alleged deviant behaviour.

What he definitely is is dead, having been “attacked by Brit dad Devinder Kainth, 40” (Sun), who, reportedly, spotted Rottman taking photos of his three children, found more snapshots on the German’s ipad and, allegedly, punched him hard enough to kill him.

The Daily Mail ignores the Sun’s empathetic “Brit dad” and labels Kaith: “Fitness fanatic with matching Range Rovers and blonde bombshell girlfriend held over killing.” Readers are told:

Yesterday, details emerged of the attack on Saturday night. The owner of the Spinnaker restaurant told the Mail: ‘After an afternoon of friendly chatter, the British man suddenly told his family to leave.

‘Devinder looked at Sandro’s iPad and found pictures of his family which had been taken earlier that evening. He was shouting: “Why have you taken these?” Suddenly he told his family to get out of the bar. Five seconds later he hit Sandro so hard he fell to the floor. I think this knocked him out, or at least dazed him.

‘Then Devinder went crazy and started hitting Sandro. He must have hit him at least 20 times in the face and head. [Sandro] had blood gurgling from his mouth. He was choking and struggling to breathe. He also had a big lump on the side of his head – no other visible cuts – just this big lump. Then he was unconscious like he was in a coma. The waitress started screaming for help. We were all shaking and trembling. When [Devinder] ran out of energy, he calmly got up and walked out the door.’

That is eqiuipped with a photo of Devinder’s lover, the “blonde head turner” Gemma Hawkins and couple’s three children, who appear without faces:



Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 07.32.01


Anorak readers might well laugh. This is the Mail that loves to ogle the kids, commenting on their lithe limbs and sex appeal.

The Mail then adds:

Rottman is said to have once been so drunk he fell into the sea and had to be rescued. He limped and is said to have been treated for a liver problem.

Kainth is a gym fanatic who worked out on most days and did gruelling Crossfit classes. He has a three-bedroom house in the area and once owned a supermarket in nearby Casares, but it has closed, sources said.

A neighbour said: ‘The last time I saw him and his partner here was last August. They had an argument round the pool one day. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but he seemed very aggressive. His girlfriend left in tears and started throwing his clothes out of the window.’

But the Mirror has heard enough. It picks a side, leading with the headline:

Kainth Davinder: Chilling photograph shows suspected paedophile ‘killed by British millionaire dad’ holding young child at pool

We don’t know the identity of the child with Rottman in the July 2013 photo. And because Rottman never was vonvicted of being a paedo, we can conclude that the snapshot is only chilling if you belive he was a danger to the public. You might be more chilled by the thought of having your dinner interrupted by a man being beaten to death at another table.

The Indy sees the same photos taken from Rottman’s twiter account and notes:

Mr Rottman, who was a web designer, recently posted a photo on Twitter of himself at the exclusive resort of El Octogono Beach Club in Sotogrande, holding a young child. He wrote: ‘Just finished a day with the most beautiful girl in the Beach Club of Sotogrande. Hope one day I will have one my own.’

He has other photos, too, like these:


sandro rottman

sandro rottman
Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 07.46.00
sandro rottman
Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 07.45.07

Kermit and the fragrant beauties have yet to tell all.

But Devinder Kainth will go his talking in court. He’s been charged with homicide.

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