Anorak News | Prince Andrew was not with Virginia Roberts when Prince Charles was swinging

Prince Andrew was not with Virginia Roberts when Prince Charles was swinging

by | 5th, March 2015

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 08.56.29Prince Charles wants to kick his younger brother Prince Andrew out of the Royal Family, says the website Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Andrew, once billed as ‘Air Miles Andy’ and ‘Randy Andy’ is now “alleged teen sex slave offender Andy”.  He’s accused of shagging Victoria Roberts, who claims she was a 17 -year-old sex slave when she rubbed Andrew’s body at one of billionaire paedo /billionaire playboy / billionaire genius Jeffrey Epstein’s homes.

The story is rooted in sources talking to the Daily Mail. Katie Nicholl begins with a question:

What IS the problem with the Princes? Charles won’t give Andrew a vote of confidence, a party invite – or a place on the balcony

Is Andrew stood looking up at Charles’ Juliette balcony, one the would-be human tampon shares with his tame begonia and the woman who was once his mistress?

Nicholl then begins:

The clinking of cutlery and popping of corks could be heard from the other end of the corridor. Behind the partly closed gilt doors of the grand dining room at Buckingham Palace, the Prince of Wales was holding court with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. The celebration to mark his 66th birthday was in full swing, with the couple’s closest friends charging their crystal glasses to toast the Prince.

Eat yer liver out, Barbra Cartland.

At the other end of the Palace, Prince Andrew was in his private residence sharing a low-key supper with a friend or two of his own. Sources close to the Duke of York’s circle say he had not been invited to the party and did not want to spend the evening alone.

Most sane people would rather drink their own urine than listen to Prince Charles hold court or share a simple supper with Andrew. As we wander around Buck House looking for a McDonald’s franchise, Nicholl harps on about how Charles is disapproving of the allegation that Andrew had sex with “a minor” – although, we must state, a minor under Florida not UK law and that Andy denies any wrongdoing – “the shutters have come down” on “Andrew’s darkest hours”.

A source then arrives from the 1950s to explain:

‘The froideur is worse than ever,’ the friend said. ‘Charles considers the whole sex scandal degrading, damaging and very embarrassing. He thinks that his brother has made some very bad decisions but he has said nothing to Andrew, he simply hasn’t communicated with him at all. There’s been a very icy silence.’

Another adds:

‘I was told never to mention Andrew’s name in the Prince of Wales’s company,’ the source revealed.

Readers are then treated to lines that should cause no end of eye rolling and giggles:

Charles considers the whole sex scandal degrading, damaging and very embarrassing… Andrew has been relying heavily on the support of his immediate family. His ex-wife Sarah Ferguson was the first to rush to his defence, saying on American television that Andrew is a ‘humongously good man’.

If there was ever the moment for two men to unite over a humongous laugh, that must be it.

The Express puts the other side:

A spokesman for Clarence House last night said that suggestions of such a break down in the brothers’ relationship were “categorically untrue”.

However, a friend of a prominent royal family member said that Charles has not written to Andrew for months.

They share a home and write letters to one another? Do they eschew stamps and just draw a cartoon of ‘mum’ in the top corner before popping the missives into a flunkey’s letter box mouth or between their buttocks? And whatever happened to shouting?

Over in the Telegraph we get news that Roberts was no sex slave.

Former friends of the woman who has claimed that she slept with Prince Andrew have disputed her claims that she was a sex slave.

Associates of Virginia Roberts said that she ‘never looked like she was being held captive’ and that she lived the high life earning thousands of dollars.

They said that she was ‘head b****’ of a group of 10 girls who worked for billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein at his mansion and that she would ‘brag’ about her earnings.

That’s former friends for you, or not friends at all, as we call them.

The ‘former friend’ is Philip Guderyon, who “used to hook up with Roberts and drive her to and from Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Fla.” Says the man with a story to sell, sorry, tell in the New York Daily News:

“She’d have like nine or 10 girls she used to bring to him… She never looked like she was being held captive. She and the other girls would walk out of there smiling, with their little bathing suits on, like they had just come from the beach. She’d have like four grand. And then I’d take them all to the mall and they’d get their nails done.”

Crystal Figueroa, whose brother dated Roberts in the early 2000s, adds:

“She’d say to me, ‘Do you know any girls who are kind of slutty? She would always brag about all the money she had. I don’t think anybody was forcing her to do anything.”

What you think doesn’t matter. The law on consent is that below it you cannot agree to sex. As her brief chimes:

“To say that our client acquiesced in this abuse, or that the abuse was OK because she was paid for it — leaves out the fact that this is why we have laws in the United States to protect minor children who are groomed and sexually trafficked by adults,” lawyer Sigrid McCawley said.

Groomed. Tafficked. The language of child abuse is being used to explain Virginia Roberts’ life with Epstein.

In 1998, the 15-year-old Roberts was living in a substance abuse treatment facility in Lake Worth called Growing Together — according to Guderyon, who was there at the same time. That summer Roberts was recruited to provide massages for Epstein. She eventually moved in with Figueroa’s family in Royal Palm Beach.

“She was a very nice girl,” said Figueroa’s mother, Mara. “We didn’t have any problems with her.”

And neither did Epstein and his pals before she started to talk to the lawyers, allegedly…



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