Anorak News | Chelsea Clinton: put men in charge of feminist movement

Chelsea Clinton: put men in charge of feminist movement

by | 7th, March 2015

Let’s here it for the patriarchty. For it they who will save feminism. That sound ridiculous, right. But to hereditary power speaker Chelsea Clinton, it makes perfect sense.

Ashe Chow writes in the Washington Examiner:

During an interview with Fortune, Chelsea Clinton (daughter of Bill and Hillary, interviewer of computer-animated geckos) claimed that around the world men must be the ones to lead the way to gender equality.

“We’ve seen some real cultural normative shifts — and candidly it often has to be men who lead the way,” Clinton said when asked specifically about gender equality in Japan. “In countries where we’ve seen real declining rates in child marriage, of female genital mutilation, it has always been the result of a real cross-sector coalition [with men leading].”

Glenn Reynolds notes how life is imitating The Onion:

After decades spent battling gender discrimination and inequality in the workplace, the feminist movement underwent a high-level shake-up last month, when 53-year-old management consultant Peter “Buck” McGowan took over as new chief of the worldwide initiative for women’s rights…

“You can’t waste time pussyfooting around with protests and getting all emotional about a bunch of irrelevant details,” McGowan said. “If you want to enjoy equal rights, you have to have a real man-to-man chat with the people in charge until you can hammer out some more equitable custody laws.”

Bill Clinton was President of the USA. Hilary Clinton worked for a male President who told Sarah Palin her views were “like putting lipstik on a pig”. That man was Barack Obama. And he’s seen as the epitome of equal opportunies…

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