Anorak News | The greatest news pun ever: Jilted Jun and one Rong don’t make it right

The greatest news pun ever: Jilted Jun and one Rong don’t make it right

by | 20th, March 2015

Jun Wu Rong


To China, for what must be the greatest news pun of the century.

The story involves Wu Hsia, 21, his ex-girlfriend Jun Tang, 20, and his new lover Rong Tsao, 22.

Jilted Jun said that Rong was a moron. Wu should be with her. Jilted Jun went on and on and on. She wanted to woo Wu.

Wu has doubts. So. He thought it a good idea to meet both the women. The rendevous would take place in a park by a river.

Says Wu:

“I was sick of being nagged from both sides. Rong was moaning about Jun and Jun was moaning about her and it all go too much. I became confused about who I wanted so I thought it would be best if we all met and talked about it. The girls began arguing and then Jun flipped and jumped off the bridge and straight into the water. She was calling for help but then Rong also leapt over saying it was her or my ex. I was completely dumbfounded about what was going on. But then I realised that I had to do something so I also jumped in but to save Rong.”

Wu then phoned his brother to come and save Jilted Jun. The brother called the fire brigade, who helped her from the water.

And now if you will a roll on the drums. Says Wu:

“I was put in a difficult situation and had to make a choice between right and wrong. And I chose Rong.”

Take it away Jilted Jun:


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