Anorak News | Man Gerbil Mike Holpin has 40 kids by 20 women and a thriving media career

Man Gerbil Mike Holpin has 40 kids by 20 women and a thriving media career

by | 2nd, April 2015

40 kids 20 women


Yesterday we wondered if Mike Holpin really did have 40 children by 20 different women. Holpin, a jobless, feckless, self-confessed alcoholic was front-page news in the Sun and Daily Mirror. Both papers agreed that Holpin does have 40 children by 20 women.

After all, the papers had read the fact in a press release for a Channel 5 show called 40 Kids by 20 Women. It was true, all true.

Mike Holpin was Gerbil of the Year.


Mike Holpin


One day on and the Daily Star says Holpin is “lying”.

We know this because an anonymous souce says Holpin has “only” fathered 16 children.

Readers are left wondering which of the three is the more relaible: Holpin, the tabloids or the unnamed source?


40 kids 20 women ebbw vale


Over in the Sun, there is more Mike Holpin news. There we learn that the “dad-of-40” (still a fact in the Sun), is sperminator for hire. He says has was asked to help a childless couple:

“I have helped them by having sex with her. For all my sins I’ve done one or two things right.”

The other fact about Mike’s life is that he spends 20 hours a day playing Grand Theft Auto. Mike, 56, has “three 48in TV and three £450 PlayStation 4 consoles – paid for with taxpayers’ cash”.


His current lover, Diane Morris, “has to watch TV upstairs” at their “squalid” Ebbw Vale, South Wales, home.

Well, that’s her story…

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