Anorak News | Poli-Pix: Ed Miliband is yellow, David Cameron is pink and Nigel Farage is laughing

Poli-Pix: Ed Miliband is yellow, David Cameron is pink and Nigel Farage is laughing

by | 14th, April 2015

Poli-pix: a daily look at how the big politcal party leaders are presented in the tabloids. Biased much? You betcha!

The Sun.

The Sun continues its theme of mocking up Labour Leader Ed Miliband. Today he’s a character from The Simpsons. But which one? The headline ‘D’oh’ suggests Homer Simpson, it being his catchphrase – but people like the tender-hearted buffoon so the Sun goes with a yellowy Miliband-type.


polipix 2



The Sun also says Ed Miliband is a ‘rose’ red colour. Make you mind up, Sunsters: yellow or red? Vote now!





Conservative Party leader David Camneron does much better. He’s in the pink. He’s gazing up at a rosy-fingered dawn. Maggie Thatcher is by his ear. What can she be saying? “Everyone can buy their own home, Dave?” says Maggie. “You can buy Number 10 if you really go for it and help big business. Google’s loaded!”


polipix 1



Daily Mirror

In the Mirror David Cameron is upsetting children. The stranger taking pictures of your kids is fine, though. He is fine. Checks have been made. Haven’t they?


polipix 3


Ed Milibad  is Alan Sugar. He’s got The Apprentice star’s pointy finger. ‘You’re Fired!” says Ed. No. That can’t be right. That zero-hours contract is water tight…


polipix 4



Daily Express

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is laughing. Ha-ha-Ho-ho. He-he.


polipix 7



Ed Miliband is caught saying ‘sexy Sue’s six sizzling sausages’.

polipix 8


Daily Mail

Ed Miliband is doing strange things with his mouth. ‘Oi! Quentin Letts… Fffffff*** off!”


polipix 5



Nigel Farage is laughing. Ho-ho. He-he. Ha-ha.


polipix 6


More biased photos of the leaders in tomorrows papers…



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