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Poli-Pix: Zooming In On ‘Normal’ Daniel Miliband As Nigel Farage Gets A Gun

by | 16th, April 2015

Poli-Pix: a look at how the Party leaders are portrayed in the day’s national tabloids.

Once again the Daily Mirror features not a single photograph of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband. For a photo of Ed, you need to turn to the Tory-supporting Sun, where he occupies the front page. Today Ed is dressed as a member of the Bullingdon Club.

Can it be that the papers both agree that Miliband is a vote loser for the Labour Party?

The Mirror opts to lead with David Cameron.




Cameron is also inside the Mirror. He is “Bodge The Builder”. And like Bob The Builder, Cameron does look remarkably smooth and 2D.




The only leading Labour politican to feature in the Mirror is Ed Balls. He’s holding an ice-cream on Page 5. Did he then eat it with a knife and fork or in one gulp?





The Daily Mail has two photos of Miliband.




And here’s Ed looking at a sandwich loaf in one of his home’s two kitchens. “Hmmmmm. Bacon,” thinks Ed. The Mail then illustrates how awful it is to parade children by zooming in on Ed’s son Daniel, 5, selecting a photo of the child that can be best described as ‘unflattering’:




Nigel Farage remainds popular in all papers.

The UKIP-supporting Daily Express sees him smiling. David Cameron, to his side, looks upset.




He’s armed in the Sun.




He’s on the Daily Star’s front page.



The Daily Mirror spots his lower teeth.




More biased photos to follow…

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