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Lord Janner: Simon Danczuk’s justice to order and Frank Beck returns

by | 23rd, June 2015

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Lord Janner: a round-up of media reporting on the Labour peer mired in the story of Westminster peados. It’s been 66 days since the Crown Prosecution Sevice decided not to prosecute Lord Janner on gounds of his failing health.

The Indy: “Ed Miliband was urged to throw out Lord Janner over ‘stomach-churning’ child abuse allegations five months before Labour suspended him”

Who did the urging? And whay does the Express ssays Miliband ws urged “six months” before Janner was suspended?

The warning came from one of his own MPs – Simon Danczuk – who sent a letter to the former leader in October last year to urge him to quickly suspend Lord Janner after three senior officers from Leicestershire police had disclosed serious alleged abuse to him.

Danczuk loves to blow his own horn.

“You couldn’t describe the action that has been taken by the party as swift and decisive,” he told Channel 4 News. “The nature of the allegation is so serious that really decisive action was required. I think they should expel him from the party. I think the allegations are that serious that they should carry out a short, sharp investigation which I am sure would conclude that he should be expelled from the party.”

We’d like to know more about this ‘sharp investigation’. Who would investigate? What facts would they have? How far back would the investigation reach – Lord Janner has been accused of offences during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s? Danczuk’s idea of an investigation to reach the “sure” conclusion of guilt is an affront to justice. It’s self-serving, PR-driven balls.

Lord Janner says he is “entirely innocent of any wrongdoing”. Will his words be part of this investigation?

Daily Express:

“Labour Party spokesman said: “Any allegation of abuse should be taken seriously, and where crimes may have been committed it is rightly the job of the police to investigate them. When the Labour Party received notice of the allegations against Lord Janner, we asked Leicestershire Police to confirm that they were pursuing an investigation with a view to bringing charges, but they were unable to do so.

“As soon as evidence was produced by the Crown Prosecution Service, Lord Janner was suspended from the Labour Party. The victims of child sex exploitation need real support from the criminal justice system.”

Channel 4 has more:

Paul Gosling, former secretary of Leicester district Labour party and a councillor in the city. He stated that, when allegations about Lord Janner were first made in 1991, local Labour members with concerns were dismissed by a member of the party’s national executive committee. Mr Gosling told Channel 4 News:

“In 1991 it was known that allegations were going to be made against Greville Janner during the Frank Beck trial. Senior Labour councillors attempted to have a meeting with a member of the national executive committee. They were told they could have a meeting in a taxi ride. That was not seriously treating the allegations.

“Therefore they took the matter to an official of the Labour party who said that they’d had a couple of conversations. He didn’t believe there was anything to them and that was the end of the matter as far as the Labour party was concerned.

“It was clearly not good enough. The Labour party did not take the matter seriously in 1991 and has not really taken at all it seriously since then until the last few months.”

Mr Gosling stated his view that: “They didn’t want to find Greville Janner guilty of any allegations. They didn’t want to hear the allegations. They didn’t want these allegations to exist. So they pretended that the allegations didn’t exist. And they’ve managed to carry on pretending from 1991 until 2015.”

Well, not only them. The police, too. Officials in Rotherham, Rochdale, the BBC and the NHS. They all ignored the children’s stories of abuse.

As for Beck, well he was a lying, State-approved, child-abuser. And like so many people fingered in this ugly story of alleged Westminster paedophiles, he’s dead.

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