Anorak News | Spare us the faux outrage over Amran Hussain’s Tunisia death beach selfie

Spare us the faux outrage over Amran Hussain’s Tunisia death beach selfie

by | 29th, June 2015

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Amran Hussain, 29, a Labour candidate for the North East Hampshire in the recent election, has visited the beach where Seifeddine Rezgui murdered 38 tourists on Friday. He took a selfie. The spot where so many lost their lives became an ‘I was there’ moment.

Mr Hussain tells MailOnlinewho brand the photo “a sick selfie”:

“Selfies are not banned. I don’t see anything wrong with it. We were not capturing a happy moment, we were very distressed after what happened and we went down to the beach for 30 minutes to show solidarity. We laid flowers and wrote a tribute and prayed to those who lost their lives in the horrific massacre. We would have asked someone else to take a picture of us, but we were in the moment and we wanted to take a picture with the tribute and flowers we had put down. It has been taken completely out of context. It was all very upsetting and we just wanted to have a reminder of what happened. I just happened to be using a selfie stick as that is what I always use.”

The Mail isn’t listening. It’s heard enough. Without irony, the Mail selects views on Mr Hussain’s crass photo-op on twitter, that bastion of tolerance and circumspection:

Jerome Taylor ‏tweeted: ‘This sums up the selfie generation. Tourist takes a pic next to site of the massacre in Sousse, Tunisia.’

Davide Manfrin said: ‘Selfie of the massacre on the beach in Tunisia. Idiots, don’t they understand our fate is hanging by a thread.’

Rabeb Othmani tweeted: ‘There is a fine line between freedom of expression & hurting others feelings: Stop posting the beach selfies #Tunisia’

Mark Olrog ‏said: ‘A bad 21st century trait. People turning up and taking selfies of #Tunisia terror beach, apparently.’

Mr Hussain was already in Tunisia. He went to pay his respects. But the photograph he took smacks of vanity, self-importance and gaucheness that suggests a career as a politican is the right one for him.

But it’s all no worse than these pictures of Tunisia the Mail has featured – and most likely paid for:



We’re invited to look at people at the scene. The pictures offer no insight. We’re just invited to gawp.

The nadir has been this photo below, which the Sun also featured, asking its readers to identify the grieving woman.


this one tunisia


You want sick?


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