Anorak News | Jeremy Corbyn loses Oldham in the dead-tree Daily Mirror

Jeremy Corbyn loses Oldham in the dead-tree Daily Mirror

by | 4th, December 2015

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In “Dark Night of the polls for Jeremy”, the Mirror’s Dan Bloom says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is leading the party to disaster at the Oldham West and Royston by-election.

The paper repeats warnings that the party’s 14,000 majority at the last count could be slashed to just 1,000. Labour candidate Jim McMahon is in dire peril.

Such are the dangers of of being a left-wing newspaper at the time of a weak Labour leader reporting on a vote already decided and counted by breakfast time. As readers of Daily Mirror’s dead-tree organ study the predictions about Jezza the liability, the paper’s website reveals the result. Says Dan Bloom:

Jeremy Corbyn has defied his critics in spectacular fashion as Labour won a thumping victory in his first ballot box test.

Activists were jubilant as trucker’s son Jim McMahon romped home with an unexpected 10,722 majority in the Oldham West and Royton by-election.

Critics like, er, Dan Bloom.

Anyone still wondering why newspapers are dying?

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