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Lord Janner: the money, the Labour party and making the dead talk

by | 21st, December 2015

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Lord Janner is dead. Greville Janner, as he was named, had a career in politics and law sullied by allegations he molested children. Never tried in life Janner is, nonetheless, the subject of much judgement in death.

Daily Mirror (Page 4): “‘6 Janner ‘sex abuse victims’ to continue to fight for justice”

Readers are reminded that Janner was charged with 22 offences against nine alleged victim dating to the 1960s.

We hear nothing from his lawyers nor anyone defending the dead peer. We do get to know the views of his accusers’ lawyers. Liz Dux – a now ubiquitous media presence – says “there is an option to take this to a civil court”. She then adds, “This is not about money but the facts and the truth.” At which point you interject and remind her that the accused man is dead. The defence rests – permanently.

At the end of the story on a man merely accused – and so presumed innocent – the Mirror links to the Page 9 news that convicted paedophile Stuart Hall, 85, is now out of prison.

The Mirror makes no mention of the fact that Janner was once a Labour peer and Labour MP for Leicester West.

Daily Star: nothing.

Daily Express: nothing.

The Sun: nothing.

Daily Mail (Page 19): “Boost for Janner ‘ abuse victims’ in fight for payouts”

It is about money, then?

The Mail reminds readers that Janner was Labour MP for Leicester West. It then talks of his cash.

Accused paedophile Lord Janner’s £2 million flat was transferred back to him before he died in a bizarre U-turn which could boost his alleged victims’ chances of compensation. The property in north west London was signed over to the children of the 87-year-old in March last year, as police investigated sex abuse claims, the Daily Mail revealed.

But yesterday it emerged that ownership of the luxury apartment was returned to him in June, making the property part of his estate.

The Mail hears from one of Janner’s alleged victim. Says Paul Miller, 53: “In that split second I thought ‘He’s got away with it. I felt angry and I still do now’. They said there was going to be a trial of facts. His death makes no difference – that should still go ahead. It is important that justice is seen to be done for everyone.”


“To me, he is no better than Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter. They have been vilified for it, people know what went on.”

Given the accusations levelled against Savile after his death – he died a knight of the real and Papacy; his death lamented in long media tributes – Janner may soon find himself worse than all of them.

The Mail then thunders:

Lord Janner’s ‘victims’ vow to go after his millions.

Are they still his millions? After all, Lord Jenner has little use for homes and cash: he’s dead…


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