Anorak News | Brexit: expert calls for coffin dodgers to have less votes

Brexit: expert calls for coffin dodgers to have less votes

by | 7th, July 2016

brexit old voteDemocracy Watch spots Dr Piero Moraro, a lecturer in justice studies at Charles Sturt University. Dr Moraro has a fairer way to conduct elections:

We think that “one person, one vote” is the hallmark of any democratic election. However, the EU referendum and the Australian election suggest that, in the interest of democracy, we should grant more votes to younger citizens, and fewer to older ones.

How’s that for justice?

“One magazine even suggested that the pensioners’ right to vote should be taken away, just as their driver’s licenses are, after they reach certain age,” says Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, “the UN independent expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons.”

You can call an old git a bigot and demand they be shut in a box and ignored and be a bigot. Who knew?

That was George Chesterton in GQ:

With the abject failure of Britain’s youth to rise to the democratic challenge (ie, to pull their fingers out in time to register to vote), I am advocating a total ban on anyone of retirement age voting in the EU referendum as the only effective way stopping the Leave campaign…We take pensioners’ driving licences away… why not their right to vote?

Mark Piggot:

More appalling than the predictable racist claim has been the dismissal of older voters as reactionaries, wreckers of our children’s future. As if ‘older’ people, who’ve worked, paid taxes, brought up children in far tougher times, shouldn’t have a say and that the young, many of whom couldn’t be bothered to vote, should have their non-votes registered.

Ah, the wisdom of youth…

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