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Shamima Begum wants sympathy for the devil

by | 18th, February 2019

Shamima Begum sympathy

Shamima Begum says she deserves our sympathy. The newspapers largely disagree. Begum is the women who at age 15 wilfully travelled to join ISIS.

You might sympathize with the Christian women and children ISIS sold as slaves and raped – “They usually take the older women to a makeshift slave market and try and sell them. The younger girls… are raped or married off to fighters. It’s based on temporary marriages, and once these fighters have had sex with these young girls, they just pass them on to other fighters”; Keith Palmer, the policeman murdered as he guarded democracy in Westminster; the Kurds butchered; David Haines, an aide worker beheaded as he helped the stricken at a refugee camp; Olivia Campbell-Hardy, who was 15 when she was murdered at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester – a death ISIS celebrated wildly. You want more? Is that not enough? Here’s one more: ISIS loved it when the guys and gels murdered Saffie Roussos. Like Olivia and so many others, Saffie was watching a pop concert when she was murdered. “She loved life, she loved music,” her dad Andrew told the BBC. Sympathy? Your heart breaks for him.

No more. The Sun has heard enoughIt tells Shamima Begum to jog on. It quotes Conservative MP David Davies as saying: “The only thing she regrets is that ISIS lost.” The paper’s editorial calls on the government to look at “every legal avenue” to ensure that she never returns to Britain.

“The Daily Mirror focuses on Begum’s statement to Sky TV that she initially had a “good time” in Islamic State. The 19-year-old does not regret joining the extremist group.

The Mail hears Begum say he was just a “housewife” in ISIS. She cooked, cleaned and was ok with the beheadings. Well, so long as she can get the bloodstains off the towels and hubby didn’t use her best knife to slice off the infidels’ heads, all’s good.

In the Times, Tasnime Akunjee, a solicitor hired by her family to help bring her back to Britain, opines: “In terms of the political landscape what she’s saying isn’t helpful [but] she’s somebody who was persuaded to go out there. She will need help. She will obviously have to be de-radicalised.”

Doesn’t she just need locking up? She’s no victim.

He adds: The Nazis had the Nuremberg trials. They were given due process. This girl was a victim when she went out there at 15 years old. Our politicians are saying that she should be denied protections and due process that would have been granted to Nazis.”

Yeah, good one Tasnime. They also had the death penalty. Keep working on that defence…

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