Anorak News | Shamima Begum should be executed: Yezidi victims speak out

Shamima Begum should be executed: Yezidi victims speak out

by | 2nd, March 2019

Shamima Begum target range Liverpool

And now in the break between instalments in the life and times of jihadi Shamima Begum, we get to hear from Pari Ibrahim, Executive Director at the Free Yezidi Foundation. High time we heard from the victims.

Pari Ibrahim has a word:

I lost 19 girls from my family – two of them came back but 17 are still missing. Of the men, 21 members of my family have been murdered by ISIS. Or, we assume they have been murdered because they are still missing…

ISIS’s genocidal campaign against the Yazidi community started in Sinjar in August 2014. They killed men and older women. They kidnapped women and children. Young children were brainwashed to become child soldiers and suicide bombers for ISIS. Women and girls were sold as sex slaves in markets in Iraq and Syria. Yazidi girls that escaped have told me that the ISIS brides would lock them up and beat them. They would shower the girls, put them in nice clothes and put makeup on their faces to get them ready to be raped.

Shamima Begum Caitlin Moran
Shamima Begum by Times columnist Caitlin Moran – not all teenagers get to survive an ISIS bout of door slamming. Some get blown up by “stupid” ISIS members at a pop concert in Manchester. Others get raped.

What does she think should happen to people like Shamima Begum? Pari suggests the death penalty.

Shamima Begum is a good example because she does not regret what she did. People like her still support ISIS. It is only because they are losing the war that she and others want to return home. They have no regrets about participating in genocide, sex slavery or imprisoning and killing Yazidi women. It is astonishing that they expect to just return to their old lives just because the caliphate is losing ground. But wherever they go, they will continue to spread their ideology.

Shamima Begum
Guardian writer Shelina Janmohamed : is it fair to “demonise” a woman who joined a group that beheads aid workers, enslaves children and throws homosexuals to their deaths from tall buildings?

Pari asks the victims a question: “What if you could face them in court and see them answer for what they did to you?”

What if the world took the plight of Yazidi people seriously and sued for justice? What if they became a nation?

Image: A shooting range in Liverpool has been offering customers an image of Shamima Begum as a target.

Spotter: Spiked: ‘ISIS brides like Shamima are guilty of genocide’

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