Anorak News | Amanda Knox is a celebrity at the True Crime Fest ghoul show

Amanda Knox is a celebrity at the True Crime Fest ghoul show

by | 13th, November 2019

What do people who were once caught the searchlights do when the media cycle rolls on? The Star tells us that Amanda Knox has become “pals with penis-chopper Lorena Bobbit”. Unlike knob feller Bobbit, Knox has no epithet, she is merely Amanda Knox, still recognisable as the tabloids’ ‘Foxy Knoxy’, the American who became embroiled in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in a flat they shared in a picturesque part of Italy. After years of claim and counter-claim, in 2015, Knox was acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation of Kercher’s murder.

And now for the weird bit. The pair met at an event called Death Becomes Us in Washington, DC. Think of something utterly tasteless and then scape its bottom before examining the mess for flecks of gold. Fox News calls it a “true crime festival”. A man was maimed. A woman is dead. Lives were ruined. But roll up, roll up, folks. come see the celebs.

“Lorena and I have a lot in common,” Knox told Fox 5 ahead of their panel. “I think the thing that resonates the most with me when we first spoke to each other over the phone is how this is, like, a historic moment in the history of shamed and vilified women. You don’t see shamed and vilified women coming forward supporting each other reclaiming narratives and calling into account all those forces that are turning us into characters that are morality plays, and exploiting our trauma for the sake of profit and entertainment.”


“I think that people could be surprised in many forms because… our narratives, obviously thanks to documentaries, we have basically reclaimed our narratives and now people know our story, know the truth, know what happened about our stories. So I think it’s very important to get that message across” Bobbitt told Fox 5…

The women’s conversation at the “Death Becomes Us” festival will be featured on Knox’s podcast, “The Truth About True Crime.”

Good for them, right. But what about crime fest? To Forbes, Knox is one of the “who’s who in true crime celebrities”. It’s run by a company called Brightest Young Things, whose director told Forbes:

I think there’s something, I feel kind of gross saying this, but I think there’s something kind of delicious about it. I also think we shouldn’t ever discount the fact that people are at times a bit morbid. There’s a morbid curiosity to it. Some people think that listening to documentaries is a cautionary tale. I disagree. I just think it’s fascinating from a psychological and human standpoint. How is it that there are people in the world that are doing these things and why are they doing these things?

The Bright Young Things website calls the DC event “cool and special”.

Case closed, detective. Death Becomes Us – this country’s first true crime festival – took over the District for one full weekend of madness, mayhem and murder. We laughed with the boys from Last Podcast on the Left: Side Stories, we baked Homicide Hunter a cake, we got down to business with the Murder Squad and we got a little misty eyed with Amanda Knox and Lorena (Bobbitt) Gallo. Plus, everything in between

Do you get misty eyed when you think of the murder of Meredith Kercher? It’s all very odd. How do people deal with personal disaster and face civil society? Maybe best to leave this ghoul fest to ferment in its own juices, and recalls the words of Carlo Della Vedova, Amanda Knox’s lawyer: “In this case there is no winner. They have rectified a mistake. It was a terrible tragedy in the beginning. Meredith was a friend of Amanda’s, we have to remember that, we have to remember the family.”

But where’s the “delicious” fun in that?

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