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Brexit: WTO is the Deal

by | 1st, December 2020

Jobs for life are pretty hard to come by – which is presumably why Polly Tonybee is still at the Guardian and not cleaning a Wetherspoons, painting your kitchen or picking fruit. Tuscan villas require upkeep so a column in the Guardian it is. Has to be. Today she’s talking about Brexit:

Ignore the blustering brinkmanship: there will be a deal between Britain and the EU. This week, next week or in the final second before the clock strikes 12, this Brexit-crazed government will sign on the line.

It needs no crystal ball to foresee a deal. Though this government is disgraceful and dishonest, it is not certifiably insane. It will not kill off the car industry, manufacturing, farming, finance and fishing. It will not cut off security and police relations with Europe. Nor will it want a hard border in Ireland, breaking the Good Friday agreement. And nor will it freeze friendship with the new US president, nor leave relations with our nearest neighbours and tradere annot be agreed.s irreparably rancorous.

There is a deal in place already. You don’t have to like it but if you are going to write about Brexit, it would be a good to state that the WTO terms is the deal if a different one cannot be agreed.

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