Anorak News | Cracking Typo: ‘Daft’ Germans lose plot over AstraZeneca vaccine in the Guardian

Cracking Typo: ‘Daft’ Germans lose plot over AstraZeneca vaccine in the Guardian

by | 28th, January 2021

“Daft Germans” in the Guardian – a typo (?) now changed

The “daft Germans” (source: Guardian – see above) say the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine they are desperate to get is pretty rubbish if you’re over-65. It feels like only yesterday (it was – ed) that the Germans and their equally slow EU peers who ordered the vaccine three months after the UK put its order in were demanding the UK supply doses from its stocks to make up any shortfall due to production issues.

Weird feeling for someone who voted to remain in the EU to watch it implode over UK’s ability to work faster and harder to get more vaccines. It is a brilliant advert for Brexit – and for the ancient principle of first come, first served— Grant Feller (@grantfeller) January 28, 2021

The EU’s health commissioner (can you name him / her?) claims AstraZeneca is wrong when it says it is contractually obliged to supply the UK first. Stella Kyriakides (congrats to longtime reader Mrs Stella Kyriakides for answering right; hard cheese Mr Stella Kyriakides for his wrong answer) says: “We reject the logic of first come, first served. That may work in a butcher’s shop but not in contracts and not in our advanced purchase.”

AstraZeneca says it can deliver 25% of the doses scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of the year once the European medicines authority has given its approval. The company says it will deliver 2m doses a week for the benefit of UK residents, as agreed.

The “daft Germans” will have to wait.

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