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Susan Boyle’s Mars Bar Makes Her A Victim Of Media Manipulation

by | 16th, January 2010

8131229SUSAN Boyle Watch: the Daily Mail does its bit to advance the tabloid plot to destroy Susan Boyle. today’s weapon of choice is a Mars bar. Trills the headline:

Susan Boyle on Oprah: First pictures of SuBo on U.S. talk show as fears grow over her erratic behaviour

Ben Todd and Sara Nathan have been watching the telly.

The first pictures emerged today of Susan Boyle’s much-hyped appearance on Oprah as fears grew over her increasingly unusual behaviour.

This alleged unusual behaviour was Boyle sucking her thumb as a joke and pratting about with a mop. Unusual for an international pop star, undoubtedly. Normal behaviour would see the shun the fans, demand only red M&Ms in her pill box and shag loads groupies while off her face on smack.

The Media Manipulates Images To Make Susan Boyle Look Weak Minded

The Mail reproduces its cropped shot of SuBo sucking a thumb, omitting the people gathered about her chortling as the star plays the fool.

Says the Mail with faux concern touching on the vomitous:

The images of the Britain’s Got Talent star singing Who I Was Born to Be on America’s most iconic chat show will hearten her legions of fans on both sides of Atlantic.

So she’s ok.

But many will be concerned at growing evidence that she may once again be showing signs of not being able to cope with the pressures of stardom.

What evidence?

The singer launched into a foulmouthed rant at a cafe in her home town after complaining that her personal assistant had told her she needed to go on a diet.

Remember when Susan Boyle was the antidote to conventional beauty, a sign of God’s love? Get this for an anecdote:

The cafe worker said: “When my boss came in with a delivery, I was sitting talking to her and Susan shouted over, ‘You better not be ****ing talking about me’. Then she grabbed a Mars bar and said, ‘I’ll show her’ and then scoffed it.” And just 24 hours later, came the airport tantrum.

Not too long ago, SuBo eating a Mars would have been a sign of how terrific she was, how like a breath of fresh air she blew away the prune-faced, size zero, plastic-chested singers chosen for their slimness and fanciablity with a slap of toffee and choclate. Now eating a Mars bar means she’s cracking up. Mick Jagger’s got nothing on her. Look out! She’s going for the Custard Creams! She! Is! Out! Of! Control! The Mail brings more sensation:

The following day, Miss Boyle, who has learning difficulties, had a tantrum in the British Airways VIP lounge at Heathrow.

A tantrum. Like a stroppy toddler? Because – as the tabloids never forget to say – Susan Boyle has “learning difficulties”.

She was seen dancing and singing with a mop in front of fellow first class passengers. She also shouted obscenities and tried to polish a passenger’s shoes with the mop.

The woman’s a menace to mops. She must be stopped. But how?

The incidents are another sign that Miss Boyle, 48, could be becoming overwhelmed by the demands on her after her success on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Or could not be? The media built Susan Boyle up and now wants to destroy her…

Susan Boyle At Home


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