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Manchester 10-year-olds get Sex On The Beach in a ‘Red Hot’ Buffet

World Buffet Manchester


To the Red Hot Buffet World on Deansgate, Manchester, for a story that has the lot.

Ashley Dodds, 29, is with her daughter… Dennon. Dennon is 10. Dennon is with a friend of the same age. (We’ll get tired to saying Dennon eventually).

Mum orders a Sweet Kiss ‘mocktail’ for the girls. She then goes outside for a cigarette. The waiters brings the girls their cocktails – two glasses of Sex On the Beach (“A naughty little mix of vodka and peach schnapps topped with both cranberry and pineapple juice”).

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Kent head teacher in biased ‘schoolgirl’ story shocker

Sean Heslop


News is that “top teacher” Sean Heslop, 47, is, reportedly, expecting a child – with a former pupil. We don’t get to know her age in the Sun’s “exclusive” report on the “Pregnant Teen Pupil”, but the paper does label her a “girl”.

That’s a pretty loaded word. Girl. Not ‘young woman’ or ‘woman’. Girl.

The age of consent is 16. There is nothing to suggest she was below the age when she and Mr Heslop allegedly formed a relationship.

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Ed Miliband V The Sun: mercilessly monstering and mocking Red Ed

Once upon a time, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband liked the Sun. It was his newspaper of choice.


Ed Miliband was in ‘Sun Country’. And he liked it:

Ed Miliband the sun



He read it wherever he went.


Ed Miliband the sun


And then Ed Miliband realised that the Sun was not exactly on his side. He could try and try but the Sun wasn’t going to be won over. Indeed, the Sun started to mock him.

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Tabloid reactions to Tony Blair’s arrival on the Labour Party election bandwagon

So. How did the tabloids respond to the arrival of’ Tony Blair on the Labour Party’s election bandwagon?


DAily Mirror Tony Blair

Vote with your feet


You’d think the Mirror would hail the arrival of the Labour Party’s most successful leader (at least in term’s of winning elections). But you need to wait until page 9 for any sign of grinning Tone.

In his ‘The Heckler’ column, Tim Walker mentions Tony Blair’s “crow’s feet” – “Quite how sensitive Blair is about the lines around his eyes is clear from newly-released correspondence between his flunkies and the Naitional Portrait Gallery over their official study of him”.

Tony wanted less lines. The artist complied.

And that’s it.

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Operation Fairbank will not call Prince Andrew or Victoria Roberts

Virginia RobertsThe story of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, the woman who claims to have shagged ‘Randy Andy’ when working as a 17-year-old “sex slave” is dead. The Prince will not stand in the dock and defend his name. British police will not see the Queen’s son as part of their Operation Fairbank investigation into historial sex abuse at institutions across the UK.

Roberts alleges her employer Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted peadophile (and billionaire genius), forced her to have sex with his friend Prince Andrew on three occassions. He denies it.

Now in the US, Florida District Judge Kenneth Marra says her “lurid” claims are “unncecesary” and “immaterial” “at this juncture” to the civil case women have brought against the US Government for a secret plea deal with Epstein that saw him serve minimal jail time for sex ofences with a minor.

Roberts had been trying to add her name to the lititgation.

Judge Marra has refused her request to join the claim. So. Allegations against Andrew should be erased from all court records – not that he was ever named in them.

If Roberts isn’t in on the case then her claims againt Airmiles Andy are irrelevant to it.

This story is covered deep inside the tabloids. What once was front-page news is now an after-thought:

Daily Mirror Page 4:  “Andrew ‘sex slave’ claims are removed from court records”

Daily Star Page 9: “Prince Andrew In Clear in Sex Rap”

“However he [Judge Marra] made no  comment on the accuracy of Ms Roberts’s allegations. She may still appear as a witness when the long-running case is finally heard”

The Sun Page 4: “Andrew in Sex Claim Victory”

Daily Mail Page 10: “Andrew sex slave claims thrown out by US judge”

Only the Daily Express leads with his story. It says the Judge “gave a huge boost to the Duke of York in his effrost to clear his name”.

Clear his name from what? Nothing happened? Unless, Roberts seeks to write a book and make further claims againt the Prince and he opts to contest them in a court of law…



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Valentina Tereshkova’s Dream: a lovely film on the first woman in space

Soviets in Space poster, 1963. 'Long live the world's first female cosmonaut', a Soviet poster (in Czech) celebrating Valentina Tereshkova who orbited the Earth in Vostok 6, in June 1963.

Soviets in Space poster, 1963. ‘Long live the world’s first female cosmonaut’, a Soviet poster (in Czech) celebrating Valentina Tereshkova who orbited the Earth in Vostok 6, in June 1963.


In 1963 Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to go into space. Fifty years later, she gave the interview which forms the basis of this film.


Valentina’s Dream – Short Film from Meat Bingo on Vimeo.


A short film by John Panton, starring Rebecca Front
Written by David Quantick
Artwork by Moose Allain + making of.
Music by Martin Carr
Executive Producer Michael Knowles 

Spotter: flashbak

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Rolling Stone: A Rape on Campus is ok but a bad Hootie And The Blowfish review will get you fired

Rolling stone rape hootie


What gets you fired from Rolling Stone magazine? A story that wrongly branded a frat house violent gang rapists will not get your fired. But a bad review of Hootie and the Blowfish might.

When Senior Editor Jim DeRogatis reviewed the band’s 1996 album Fairweather Johnson, he called it ‘bland’. Lowlights include:

All of the songs overflow with generic jangly guitars that evoke denatured versions of edgier Southern popsters like R.E.M. and the dB’s, whose Peter Holsapple is reduced by the need for health insurance to serving as fifth Hootie on organ, piano, and accordion…

These comfy, cozy sounds–the musical equivalent of Mom’s chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of milk–are paired with lyrics that reek of Hallmark-card sentimentality…

To these ears, Hootie are the blandest extreme of a wave of bands…

His review was spiked, replaced with more favourable review by contributor Elysa Gardner.

DeRogatis told the New York Observer.

The Observer quoted a spokesman for Rolling Stone saying the review swap was a matter of writing quality and not opinion, and DeRogatis saying Rolling Stone Editor and Publisher Jann Wenner is not necessarily a Hootie fan, but “a fan of bands that sell eight and a half million copies” of a record. The day after the piece ran, DeRogatis was fired. (A follow-up piece in the Observer said Rolling Stone would not discuss DeRogatis’s departure for reasons of employer-employee privacy.)

Rolling Stone employment policy might change if the frat house sues


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Rolling Stone and the lie deniers: the unjust ‘choose to believe’ Jackie’s tall story

rollings tone rape lie


Jessica Valenti has lots to say about the Rolling Stone story on Jackie, the woman who claimed she’d been gang raped at a University of Virginia frat house in a sickening attack.

There is no proof a rape occurred. But Jessica Valenti begins her story:

Despite documented errors with the reporting and editing of the magazine’s story of rape at the University of Virginia, they’re still blaming the victim

By victim, she should mean the Phi Kappa Psi frat house and all its members who ware labelled rapists (false report rate on rapes is low, between 2 and 8 percent). But she doesn’t mean those criminals-in-waiting. She means Jackie.

Rolling Stone just doesn’t get it. Months after the magazine published a widely-criticized article about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, the details of which proved unverifiable, those responsible still refuse to take any real responsibility. Instead, editors at the magazine once again placed the blame for their errors where it so often ends up when it comes to sexual assault: on a young woman who alleges she was raped.

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Sabrina Rubin Erdely apologises to everyone except the frat she falsely branded as violent gang rapists

Sabrina Rubin Erdely


Sabrina Rubin Erdely, author of Rolling Stone magazine about a rape at a University of Virginia fraternity, has issued a statement. You can read it in full below. And when you do, look out for her apologising to the victims:

“The past few months, since my Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus” was first called into question, have been among the most painful of my life. Reading the Columbia account of the mistakes and misjudgments in my reporting was a brutal and humbling experience. I want to offer my deepest apologies: to Rolling Stone’s readers, to my Rolling Stone editors and colleagues, to the U.V.A. community, and to any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article.

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The Lucille Ball Statue Is Utterly Horrific

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 21.21.54


Do you love Lucille Ball? If you do, then you can join the Facebook page ‘We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue‘. The Lucille Ball bronze statue lurks in Memorial Park Celoron, N.Y.

It is terrifying. In years to come, Lucille Ball will no longer be the local woman famed for her charisma and showbiz talents; she’ll be the woman who eats you if you don’t eat your greens and rips the soul from anyone cutting through the park after dark.

Oh, and the last person to put their mouth to that spoon woke up the next morning with their lips inside out. True story!


lucille ball statue

lucille ball statue

lucille ball statue

lucille ball statue


lucille ball statue

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How anti-Christian bigots made Memories Pizza in Indiana the world’s most profitable restaurant

Gastronauts in search of a rare treat should head to Walkerton, Indiana, the world’s highest revenue restaurant.

In one day, the eatery has earned a whopping $484,600.

memories pizza Walkerton, IN.


Here’s why:


And the best bit is that the pizzeria in small-town Walkerton, is closed. The trick with operating a goldmine is to get everyone talking about you:

When asked by local press the hypothetical question of whether or not they’d prefer to have their family owned business, Memories Pizza, cater a gay wedding, the owner said no citing their own religious beliefs as the reason.

Rather than allowing this family to simply have their opinion, which they were asked to give, outraged people grabbed the torches and began a campaign to destroy this small business in small town Indiana.

All for having an opinion that is rooted in faith.

No one was turned away. No one was discriminated against. It was a hypothetical question asked by a news reporter who had questionable motives to begin with.

Memories Pizza’s chief PR operative is Lawrence Jones, who saw the bigotry in action and set about raising money for the eatery.


What would Jesus have wanted? 'Deep pan, dude. And a mountain of olives'

What would Jesus have wanted? ‘Deep pan, dude. And a mountain of olives’


And we’ve got a new client for him.

Jonah Goldberg 

Jim Crow laws forced tolerant businesses to be intolerant of blacks. No one, anywhere, is suggesting that people who want to do business with same-sex couples should be barred from doing so. The argument is whether the government should force a few ardent Christians (or Jews or Muslims) to participate in a ceremony that violates their faith.

In Indiana, the most vocal and arguably the most powerful voices against even the perception of anti-gay discrimination have come from the business community. And, one suspects, there are plenty of people in the wedding-planning industry eager for such business. We could impose a fine on recalcitrant religious wedding photographers.

But the market already does that, every time they turn away paying customers.


It’s dangerous. The media are picking on soft targets. This reporter went to Muslim bakeries in Dearborn, Michigan:



That pizza tastes bitter…

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Germanwings: Daily Mail says Andreas Lubitz was killed by anti-depressants

Lubitz jogging


Andreas Lubitz: a look at the Germanwings co-pilot in today’s tabloids.

Daily Star Page 14: ” Killer Pilot Looked for Suicide Methods”

Lubitz is thought to have deliberately crashed a plane killing all 150 people on board. Investigators have looked at his computer history and found searches for ways to commit suicide and how to lock cockpit doors.

He was also on a “cocktail of anti-depressants and tranquillisers”.

Matthew Young says one theses drugs, Lorazepam, “is so strong that users are advised not to drive a car, let alone  fly a passenger aircraft”.

One word Matthew: linctus.

The Sun: Page 9: “Co-pilot ‘googled cockpit security'”

Lubitz’s reaserch appears to have helped him. The pilot used the emergency code which should have allowed him to gain access from outside the cockpit – but it failed to work.


Andreas Lubitz drugs



Daily Mail Page 22: The Mail makes an error.

The Mail also ntoes that Lubitz was taking “Lorazapam“. But now it is a drug “so strong doctors have to warn patients of the increased risk of suicide”.

If you are going to tell people taking a drug how dangerous it is, then best to identify it correctly. There is no drug called ‘Lorazapam’. But the NHS says of Lorazepam:

Lorazepam (Lor-raz-ep-am) is a medicine which is used in minor dental procedures as a sedative, minor surgical procedures as a sedative and anxiety…

Lorazepam should only be used for the shortest possible period of time as it can cause dependence, tolerance and in some cases, people can experience withdrawal symptoms.

You should try to get at least seven or eight hours continuous and uninterrupted sleep after taking Lorazepam. If you are woken before this time has passed, Lorazepam may cause you to have some memory problems. You may have no memory of what happened from the time you were woken until the time when the effects of this medicine have worn off.

Furthermore, it is important to be aware that sleeping problems can be a symptom of a psychiatric condition, particularly when the sleeping problems have been going on for some time.

Some people, in the course of taking Lorazepam for a sleeping problem, may find that an undiagnosed psychiatric condition, such as depression, becomes apparent. People who have a psychiatric condition and who are taking Lorazepam may experience some changes in behaviour…

You should not take the drugs if you…

have psychiatric problems

have respiratory depression

have a personality disorder

Nowhere on the advice is an increased risk of suicide mentioned.

The US National Library of Medicine says “Lorazepam may cause side effects. Call your doctor if any of the following symptoms are severe or do not go away”:

dry mouth
changes in appetite
restlessness or excitement
difficulty urinating
frequent urination
blurred vision
changes in sex drive or ability

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:
shuffling walk
persistent, fine tremor or inability to sit still
difficulty breathing or swallowing
severe skin rash
yellowing of the skin or eyes
irregular heartbeat

So. If you are ill and taking Lorazepam, don’t panic. If a loved one is taking the medcine they will not become a mass murderer or a suicide victim. The Daily Mail is scaremongering.

Daily Expres Page 26: Before his “murderous missions”, Lubitz had been “injured in a car crash which had led to ‘vision problems'”.

A pilot who can’t see all that well?

Such are the facts…

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Sick man jailed for possessing ‘medical’ marijuana

marijuana arrest


David Patterson is serving 60 days in prison for marijuana possession. A Minnesota jury noted Patterson’s seven pounds of marijuana and his intent to distribute it. He’s clearly guilty.

But Patterson says his weed is for medicinal purposes. He planned to refine the cannabis into a healing oil to cure his Crohn’s Disease. He tells the judge that his tinctures can cure skin cancer in four days, which sounds wildly opportmistic  – but, then, if you had the terrible disease a marijuana rub would be worth a try, no?

He tells the court:

“I’ve got to watch my relatives die when I can’t make medicine for them. I’m not a criminal. It’s crazy that I’ve been forced to act like I am.”

Seems sane.  But what is the law on weed in that state?

Legislation passed during the 2014 Minnesota legislative session created a new process allowing seriously ill Minnesotans to use medical cannabis to treat certain conditions. Medical cannabis will not be available via a pharmacy through a prescription from a doctor. Instead, patients with one of the qualifying conditions will be eligible to enroll in a patient registry maintained by the State. Patients on this registry will be able to get medical cannabis directly from one of eight dispensaries set up around the state.

But why can’t you just grow your own and give it to your ill friends? Why is the State in control of what you can put into your own sick body?

It it because you might use it for an illness not on the approved list:

Cancer associated with severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, or cachexia or severe wasting.
Tourette’s Syndrome.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy.
Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.
Crohn’s Disease.
Terminal illness, with a life expectancy of less than one year, if the illness or treatment produces severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, cachexia or severe wasting.

Patterson is on watch:

He will be on supervised probation for five years. During that time, he is not to use or possess drugs and must submit to random checks.

A reporter friend was once asked by a policeman, why he was ‘picking on him’. My friend replied that he found it hard to relate to an adult who had vowed to uphold every law of the land, however wrong it was. Could you arrest a sick man for possessing a drug he thought would help his condition?

Note: Patterson was arrested recently for having marijuana in a motor vehicle, 10 days after his trial. That case is pending.



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Tabloid Scare Stories: watching TV gives you diabetes

watch tv diabetes


The Daily Express says “Watching TV Gives You Diabetes”.

The Express has a keen interest in diabetes. This year to date the paper has been hot on diabetes, its causes and its cures:





Today’s sensational news is that “scientists” say that watching TV does not give you diabetes. But sitting down for long periods whilst fat might be a contributing factor in contracting the illness.

So. As you were:


Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 07.47.57

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Man Gerbil Mike Holpin has 40 kids by 20 women and a thriving media career

40 kids 20 women


Yesterday we wondered if Mike Holpin really did have 40 children by 20 different women. Holpin, a jobless, feckless, self-confessed alcoholic was front-page news in the Sun and Daily Mirror. Both papers agreed that Holpin does have 40 children by 20 women.

After all, the papers had read the fact in a press release for a Channel 5 show called 40 Kids by 20 Women. It was true, all true.

Mike Holpin was Gerbil of the Year.


Mike Holpin


One day on and the Daily Star says Holpin is “lying”.

We know this because an anonymous souce says Holpin has “only” fathered 16 children.

Readers are left wondering which of the three is the more relaible: Holpin, the tabloids or the unnamed source?


40 kids 20 women ebbw vale


Over in the Sun, there is more Mike Holpin news. There we learn that the “dad-of-40” (still a fact in the Sun), is sperminator for hire. He says has was asked to help a childless couple:

“I have helped them by having sex with her. For all my sins I’ve done one or two things right.”

The other fact about Mike’s life is that he spends 20 hours a day playing Grand Theft Auto. Mike, 56, has “three 48in TV and three £450 PlayStation 4 consoles – paid for with taxpayers’ cash”.


His current lover, Diane Morris, “has to watch TV upstairs” at their “squalid” Ebbw Vale, South Wales, home.

Well, that’s her story…

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Andreas Lubitz: framed by callous liars and saved only by the Facebook truthers

Andreas Lubitz framed facebook


Andreas Lubitz has tumbled down the news cycle.

The Sun waits until page 27 to report on the Germanwings co-pilot who was at the controls when the plane slammed into an Alpine mountain killing all 150 people on board.

The “maniac” is the subject of a story that he is “no devil”. The paper spots the Facebook page ‘We are against the Witchhhunt’. All evidence seen to date points towards Lubitz having committed mass murder. But the Sun picks up on “local media” who say he could have suffered a heart attack. But that is not investigated.

The Mail picks up the same Facebook story and notes:

Friends of killer pilot Andreas Lubitz claim he is being framed for murder as part of an elaborate cover-up by his airline company to hide mechanical faults with the plane.

That would be an elaborate cover-up that has so far revealed Andreas Lubitz was passed fit to pilot a commercial airline depsite a history of poor mental health, failing eyesight and suicidal tendencies. As conspiracies go, it’s more akin to dog sat by a steaming turd than the faked 1969 moon landings.

The Mirror quotes Wolfgang Michales, 50, a designer, who lives close to the family home Lubitz shared with dad Gunter, mum Urusula and a younger brother, who says: “I feel for his parents. First they learn they have lost their son, then this. How could the authorities be so sure?”

Well, they can’t be.

But in hoping to salvage a reputation mired in mass murder, the Facebookers’ theory rests on the idea that Lubitz is innocent and everyone else is a liar who refuses to tell the truth even when faced with the horror of 149 victims and their grieving loved ones.

That’s a pretty far-fetched and insulting premise…


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Man Gerbil of The Year: Mike Holpin and Keith McDonald are UK’s most ‘shameless’ dads

Mike Holpin


The tabloids are in a single-dads arms race. The Express leads with  “jobless love-rat “Keith McDonald, 29, who has “16 children by 10 women”. Keith and his brood will, apaprently, cost “YOU” £2m.

To which the Sun and the Mirror say, ‘Is that all you’ve got, Keef?” They lead with “shameless” Mike Holpin” (Mirror), who has “40 KIDS WITH 20 MUMS”.

Jobless Mike, 56, “only knows the name of half his kids” (Sun). Mike Holpin says, “I’ll never stop. I’m as fertile as sin.”

He does, however, know the names of his three huskies, a cat and a snake he and girlfriend Diane share in Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire.

For those of you wanting to know Keith’s secret, he says: “It’s sex, that’s all there is. If it’s got a pulse. Sex is sex. She can look like the back of a bus…doggy style if she’s ugly.”

Mike’s hobbies are “tattoos and laughing”.

As for his being “shameless”, he is quoted as saying:

“Most of my kids have gone through the care system. It makes me feel lke shit becasue they’ve suffered.”

The headline “Shameless dad is shameless” lacks punch.


Shameless dad keith topin


But can we believe Mike, the feckless alcoholic? Does he really have that many children?

The contest to be the country’s Man Gerbil of the Year is on shaky ground, all the more so when the Sun looks at the aforesaid McDonald and says he is expecting his 16th child by “15th mum” – not the 16 children with 10 women the Express stated.

As he says: “I don’t know if all the kids are mine. I saw the headline that said I had 15 kids by different women and I was like ‘what'”?

Such are the facts…

PS: Mike Holpin is the star of 40 Kids by 20 Women, on Channel 5.

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Jill Dando murder: the ‘lost’ Robin Williams angle



The Daily Mirror’s font-page news that”blunder cops” failed to “quiz 100 suspects” in the murder of BBC Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando contains an interesting element.

Jill Dando was murdered with a single bullet in 1999. She was stood on her doorstep in Fulham, London, when the killer struck.

The Met’s Operation Oxborough fingered Barry George, who was convicted of the crime. After eight years in prison, George was freed on appeal. Now his legal team have made their files public. These files include the news that the Met compiled a “possible suspect” list of 100 names who were not fully investigated. Another list mentions 11 men seen in the area at the time of Dando’s murder who were never identified.




So much for the unknowns. But the Mirror’s story – that interesting bit – comes at the end. We’re told that police spoke with Jeremy Paxman, Dando’s BBC colleague, and her friend Sir Cliff Richard. And then the Mirror shows readers a picture of the late actor Robin Williams looking sinister.

“Pop legend Sir Cliff, 74, said he had known Jill for around five years before the murder. He said they spent time together alongside showbiz pals including the late Hollywood state Robin Williams and TV host Gloria Hunniford.”


jill dando murder


To which we can only wonder: was Williams lost? On a trip to the BBC’s offices did the great comic actor wonder into the wrong dressing room? Or did Williams, a keen fan of BBC Radio 2, Crimewatch and middle-of-the-road pop, seek his heroes out?

Or is it that the Mirror is simply adhering to the 3rd Rule of Tabloid Journalism: any story can be improved with a celebrity name?


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Free speech saves Christian preacher who said all gays must die and Mohammed was a paedo

Is the Bible banned? Are some bits of it, to use the dread word of the age, ‘inappropriate’? Mike Overd has been told that reading bits of the Good Book aloud is offensive.

A Christian street preacher has accused a judge of trying to “censor” the Bible after he was convicted of a public order offence for quoting an Old Testament passage condemning homosexuality.

Mike Overd was fined £200 for quoting part of a passage from Leviticus 20 which condemns same-sex relationships as sinful and calls for gay men to be put to death.

We each of us have our prejudices. Old Mr Anorak would instead quote the bit from Leviticus 19:28 about piercings and tattoos: “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.”

Anyhow, instead of ignoring or mocking Mr Overd and pitying the pigeons in the precinct forced to listen to him bang on, he was arrested.

He found himself up before District Judge Shamim Ahmed Qureshi. The Beak wondered why Overd chose the passage he did and din’t opt for, say, Leviticus 18 which calls homosexuality as an “abomination” but fails to demand all gays are murdered.

He acquitted the former paratrooper, who regularly preaches on the streets of Taunton, Somerset, of a separate charge for suggesting that the Prophet Mohammed was a “paedophile”.

At which point we should cheer Mr Quershi who despite the censorious, illiberal stupidity of the police and CPS saw what was stake, stating:

“Whilst we all want to encourage public civility, there is a higher principle at stake. As long as there is no incitement to violence, then people should be allowed to speak freely without fearing legal repercussions.

Free speech has one more champion.

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Transfer balls: Liverpool buy Mateo Kovacic after watching him not play

The Daily Mirror says Liverpool are keen on Inter Milan’s Mateo Kovacic. On March 26, the paper reported:

The Reds will send scouts to watch the 20-year-old play for his country Croatia against Norway on Saturday.

The Liverpool scouts had a wasted trip because on the same day Football-Italia reported:

“I saw Kovacic. He has a cruciate knee ligament injury,” chief medic Boris Nemec told “He still feels a lot of pain and there is absolutely no chance he’ll be able to play against Norway.”

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Police helicopter tracks cyclists drinking wine in South Wales

If you wanted something to illustrate how pettty offences are now treated as full-blown crimes, we can point up to the police helicopter tracking a man suspected of riding a bicycle while drinking a bottle of wine in Llanelli, South Wales.

A Dyfed-Powys Police spokeswoman confirms the news:

“A PCSO was on patrol saw a male riding his bike in the centre, he was drinking from a bottle of wine. The PCSO asked him to leave the area and the male became aggressive. The male rode his bike to nearby car park where he threatened the officer and was then arrested. He is currently in custody. During the incident the police helicopter was in the area and monitored activity from the air.”

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Andreas Lubitz and me: the blind, gay, cheating, mentally ill fitness fantatic I knew

Andreas Lubitz baby


Andreas Lubitz smiles from the front of the Daily Mirror, where the story is that the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 impregnated his lover, Kathrin Goldbach. Jeremy Armstrong says fatherhood “may have led him to crash” the plane and murder 149 people.

We learn that Goldbach planned to leave the “control freak”.

Armstrong adds:

“Friends believe Kathrin’s imminent split from Lubitz and fears he could lose his job due to depression and sight problems may have tipped him over the edge…”

When you see words like ‘believe’ and ‘may’ in the same sentence, you realise that the report is light on facts.

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Robert Durst: the race against death for a killer TV finale

Robert Durst has been charged with the murder of  Susan Berman in 2000  Durst is suspected of murdering two more people:  his first wife Kathie in 1982 and Morris Black.

USA Today reports that if found guilty of first-degree murder, Durst could face the death penalty.

Durst, a scion of one an America’s big property dynasty worth over $4bn, says he’s innocent. (His own weath is estiamted at $100m.)

But he seems to have confessed on camera in Andrew Jarecki’s HBO’s six-part documentary The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

On the final show, Durst is shown an envelope addressed to Miss Berman. The lettering is in Mr Durst’s own handwriting – and it looks very much like the block capital lettering on an anonymous letter sent to Beverly Hills police pointing to a “cadaver” in Miss Berman’s home. That body was Miss Berman. On both letters “Beverly” is misspelled “Beverley”.

Durst suggests that the writer of the first letter must have been Berman’s killer.

Has the TV nailed its star?

Durst starts burping. He then heads to the toilets. The microphone is still on as Robert Durst, 71, mutters: “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course… There it is. You’re caught.”

Durst maintains his innocence.


GALVESTON, TX - NOVEMBER 10: Millionaire murder defendant Robert Durst (C) sits in State District Judge Susan Criss court with his attorney Dick DeGuerin (R) November 10, 2003 at the Galveston County Courthouse in Galveston, Texas. Durst is being charged for the murder and mutilation of his neighbor Morris Black. (Photo by James Nielsen/ Getty Images)

GALVESTON, TX – NOVEMBER 10: Millionaire murder defendant Robert Durst (C) sits in State District Judge Susan Criss court with his attorney Dick DeGuerin (R) November 10, 2003 at the Galveston County Courthouse in Galveston, Texas. Durst is being charged for the murder and mutilation of his neighbor Morris Black. (Photo by James Nielsen/ Getty Images)


Durst might well be confident of securing an acquittal. As the Times notes:

After Miss Berman’s death, Mr Durst moved to Texas, where he lived in a boarding house masquerading as a mute woman. In 2003 he was put on trial for murder after dismembered body parts belonging to his elderly friend and neighbour, Morris Black, were found floating in Galveston Bay.

Mr Lewis told the jury that Mr Durst admitted to shooting Mr Black, and to using a paring knife, two saws and an axe to dismember his body before dumping the remains.

The lawyer argued however that the killing had been in self-defence and that his client had Asperger’s syndrome. Mr Durst was acquitted of murder.

He served three years for bond-jumping and evidence-tampering.

And here’s the other interesting thing. That allegedly incriminating audio was recorded in 2013. Why didn’t HBO tell the police back then? Well, they claim they didn’t notice until an intern was editing the footage for broadcast.

Mr Jarecki tells ABC News:

“I sat there in the edit room with my partners, and we just sort of shook our heads and it took a while to really understand the impact of it. It was so chilling to hear it.”

Which makes us wonder what would have happened had Durst died before the show aired? What if God had beaten HBO to the punchline? What if the jinx had struck again? What then for justice as entertainment?


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Drugs confusion: woman arrested for asking if she could carry marijuana in police car

Florida weed

The confused and absurd US drugs policy (plus stupidity) has caused a woman in West Volusia, Florida, to be arrested. An “extermely intoxicated” Michelle Sanford tried to take marijuana into the patrol car of a sergeant who offered her a ride to a safe place.

The officer, who was responding to reports of a domestic row between Sandford, 36, and her boyfriend, first told her that carrying her open bottle of booze in his car was against the rules.

At which point Sanford’s boyfriend, Thomas Laudenslager, 46, piped up:

“Why don’t you take your weed with you?”

Sanford thought this a good idea. She asked the sergeant if she could take her marijuana in the car and smoke a joint at her father’s house. Sanford then showed her stash to the sergeant, was arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia and a misdemeanor drug offence.

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Katie Hopkins wants Miliband gassed in the oven: do you see Jews?

The Sun’s to-deadline harridan Katie Hopkins invites Labour Party leader Ed Miliband to stick his wife Justine in the oven and gas her.



katie hopkins gas miliband



Add in the fact that Ed Miliband is a Jew and you have a little problem with Katie Hopkins’ call to murder…

Spotter: @federicacocco

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