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The Chicken Cottage awards 2012 – highlights package

THE Chicken Cottage awards – highlights package. It’s been a “journey”…

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Lindsay Lohan wants to sue those who say she’s any kind of fun

WE’VE long lamented the fact that Lindsay Lohan isn’t the bug-eyed  jewel stealing party girl she once was and now, anyone who says she is in print is going to get sued by the former child-actress.

Various outlets noted that LiLo (the worst celebrity nickname in history) was knocking back the booze at the SAG Awards after party this weekend. That, of course, is a completely reasonable thing to do. Go to party. Get fall-down drunk.

However, Lohan isn’t having any of it and now she wants to sue! Suing, it seems, is the fallen celebrity’s replacement for the illicit fun they once enjoyed. Shame that. Legal action is so very, very dull, despite what American cinema has told you.

And now, a source close to the actress tells the TMZ ambulance chasers that Lindsay is already exploring her legal options with her attorneys because she feels that these stories are sabotaging her effort to revive her career. Please note that her career was doing just fine when she was a ‘wild-child’.

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Ricky Gervais – the uncensored Golden Globes promise

MONGS! Does Ricky Gervais still like that word? We can’t remember. Either way, there’s a chance that Gervais will be hatching some other ill-advised impishness when he takes to the stage to present the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

See, he made some brows furrow and bellies laugh when he performed his acidic turn at the 2011 bash. And Gervais agreed to host again this year, under the condition that he be totally let off the leash.

“I do it my way. I get final edit on everything. And everything I do turns out like I wanted,” Gervais says in Friday’s episode of the Today Show. “And they don’t know what I’m gonna say. And they won’t know what I’m gonna say till I say it.”

“I got it a bit wrong I think the first time. I tried too hard with the shtick, the comedy, and I should have just gone out there and done zingers, I think, because the attention span of someone at an award show, particularly the Golden Globe, is about a second.

“They’re drinkin’, they’re talkin’, they’re seein’ someone. You know, you’ve gotta grab their attention. It’s not a great place for a comedian to play because they’ve got other things on their mind. They’re there to see if they’ve won an award, but they don’t wanna see this guy come out and telling jokes. Certainly not jokes at their expense.

“I might even really be drunk…”

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Gervais’ ‘Holocaust Or Pedophile Material’ For Golden Globes

Of course, Gervais has courted controversy lately with… umm… shall we call it ‘mong-gate’ for ease? It’s obvious that the creator of The Office wants to push his luck as far as he can. And he may as well. We have to assume he’s made enough money to retire with, so he might as well cause some trouble.

Last time around, Gervais ribbed Scientology and gave Johnny Depp abuse, which seemed to be taken pretty well. Let us not forget that Hollywood popularised ‘the roast’ (no, not that kind, you mucky bugger), so it’s not a great leap to see why they asked him back.

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The Spirit Of Fire Awards 2010: In Pictures

TO the Spirit of Fire Awards 2010, the awards do for firefighters. People like firemen. They are not the police. At Wembley Stadium, we spotted Simon Hawkins from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, win of the Firefighter of the Year Award. Bruce Forsyth and Barry Cryer posed for photos. Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service won the best crew award. No awards yet for best hose, best use of calendar, best in boots and most gratuitous wet chest shots, but we are hopeful…


Picture 1 of 9

Simon Hawkins (centre) from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, winner of the Firefighter of the Year Award with award presenters Bruce Forsyth (left) and Barry Cryer (right) at the Spirit of Fire Awards 2010, which honour the bravery of firemen in the UK at Wembley Stadium, London.

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The Ten Best Acting Awards Speeches Of All Time

KATE Winslet accepts her Golden Globe and re-enact Meg Ryan’s famous scene from when Harry Met Sally.

After Winslet’s gush and Gwyneth Paltow’s Oscar spew, the stage is cleared for the Anorak Awards Show.

Here are the 10 Best Awards Acceptance Speeches Ever.

Before we go on, I’d just like to thank everybody I’ve ever met: Dr Patel, Midwife Jane, Elizabeth Rex, Bob, Tim, Lucy, Petra the tortoise, Danny, Bill the cabbie, Patricia, Judy, Fran, mum…

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Soldier Ant: Ant And Dec Fight In Afghanistan

DECLAN Donnelly and Ant McPartlin are in Afghanistan.

While the enemy has boy soldiers, we have soldiers who look like toddlers. The Mirror leads with news that both are under attack.

The tots are in the war zone on the pretext of presenting our squaddies with Daily Mirror Pride of Britain awards, plastic medallions featuring the faces of EastEnders Mitchell brothers and the legend: “REAL NEWS… REAL ENTERTAINMENT, 40p.”

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