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These ‘Lil’ Lager’ baby bottles are great for toddler pub carry outs

baby lager

Why you need to decant beer into a bottle was beyond me until one of the crew at Anorak Towers said that not all pubs do draught beer carry outs.
If your baby hasn’t finished their pint – and those eyes are bigger than their tum-tums – they can tip the dregs into this handy ‘Lil Lager’ bottles.
And because they are built in study plastic, any fights will be bruises and breaks only. 

baby lager bottle
Spotter: Geekologie

Posted: 27th, February 2015 | In: The Consumer | Comment

End of Days: Girls born with twin fetuses

fetus in fetu


The Hong Kong Medical Journal reports that in November 2010 a newborn girl was born. Insider her were two 8 to 10-week-old fetuses. One weighed half an ounce. The other weighed a third of an ounce. Ech had four limbs, a spine, a rib cage, intestines, and an anus.

“Since it is impossible for the little girl to have conceived the pregnancy on her own, the fertilization of the twin fetuses, of course, belongs to her parents, which has gone to the wrong place,” a local medic tells the South China Morning Post.

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WuBabies: Raekwon Shows Off Baby Wu

WHEN Wu Tang first exploded on the scene, they were smart, funny, dangerous, brutal, angry, fierce and not exactly entry-level hip hop.

However, after a dazzling run of solo LPs and the classic Wu debut ’36 Chambers’, they soon became rap royalty and no-one could touch the RZA, the GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, U-God, Ghostface Killah and the M.E.T.H.O.D. Man.

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Massive babies spotted on the London Underground (photos)

IF you were on the London Underground yesterday, you might have seen these gigantic babies. It was all part of a promotional event for a bookmakers, perhaps to show that forced to mingle with the great unwashed the rich are as helpless as babies.

Or maybe the foursome are real babies escaped from the Buckingham Palace breeding compound?

The minf boggles…

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Toddlers are more stupid than chickens – birds outperform kids in numeracy and logic

chicken brain

YOU’VE cooed and coochied at your darling little baby, posting endless identical photographs of them on Facebook and heard your friends tell you barefaced lies about how beautiful it is, and that it has it’s ‘daddy’s eyes’… but here’s some news for you and your little shit-machine – chickens could well be smarter than your human toddler.

A survey was conducted and found that chickens have the ability to out-perform young children at numeracy and logic.

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Economics is in absolutely everything, even having babies

THIS should’t come as too much of a surprise actually, that there’s economics in everything. For everything that we do, everything that happens, requires resrouces. As economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources, there’s therefore economics in everything.

Yes, even in the having of babies:

The data was collected from individuals born in eight different Finnish parishes, covering the 17th to 20th centuries, when a mostly-agricultural society did not have access to modern birth-control or medical care.

Dr Helle said that a mother who had six sons would live for a further 32.4 years on average after the birth of her last child, while a woman who had daughters could expect to die 33.1 years after her final labour.

He said: ‘The research shows the more sons you have the lower post-reproductive survival was. Biologically, there is a bigger cost associated with having a boy than a girl, so that is one explanation for the shorter lifespan.’

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Kate Middleton and Prince William: No ‘sex for months’

ARE you one of those people who preoccupies themselves with how much and what kind of sex other people are having? Is this because there’s so little of it in your life you like to live vicariously through the groins of others? Or is it just a case of being a nosey bugger who gets loads either way?

Well, genital enthusiasts, you’ll be thrilled to learn that someone is saying that Prince William and his glamorous commoner wife, Kate Middleton, aren’t getting any, at all, for ages. The poor lambs. No Royal Baby for you braying flag-wavers, that’s for sure.

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Nurse Xiao Shiyu posts photos of her mocking and mishandling newborn babies

WHAT happens to your newborn baby when its in the care of the hospital workers? In Eastern China, at the Children’s Hospital linked to Zhejiang University’s medical school, senior intern Xiao Shiyu, 22, has been taking photos of the babies and uploading their photos of a website.

In to photos, caring Shiyu holds the babies and lets their heads loll about. She quips on the Sina Weibo site:

“What’s wrong, baby? Wake up. Are you still alive? This makes me laugh my head off. You even know how to mimic the dead.”

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The Beatles children to form a truly awful band? The Drab Four are here

EVERYTHING ever is always spoiled by the introduction of children. Muppets – great. Muppet Babies – awful. Scooby Doo – excellent caper with slight counterculture vibes. The introduction of Scrappy Doo? Worse than a dose of anthrax. Even Popeye had a son at one point and everyone in the world wanted to end his life.

And so, let us introduce to you, the act you’ve known for all these years, The Beatles Babies!

That’s right, we could well be faced with the Drab Four if Paul McCartney’s son, James, gets his way. It has been reported that James Macca is “up for it” and that John Lennon’s son, Sean, and George Harrison’s son, Dhani, have also shown support for the idea, which would see various Beatle-sperm getting together and performing songs which will invariably defecate all over the memory of the world’s most famous group.

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Floren Blake born five years after her win Reuben

FLOREN Blake was born five years after her twin brother Reuben. Floren and Reuben Blake were conceived from the same batch of five embryos created by their parents Simon and Jody Blake.

Reuben was born on December 9 2006.

The Blakes wanted another child, so they used the remaining three frozen embryos.

Floren was born on November 16 2011.

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Mariah Carey Wants Everyone To Guess Her Twins Names

MARIAH Carey is, of course, more mental than a tree filled with talking toasters. She became pregnant with twins, which left the universe considering implosion briefly. Could the human race stand Mariah gloating about her working ovaries? Could we collectively take the cloying praise bestowed on her little bundles of disappointments?

One person who doesn’t care about our feelings is Mariah Carey who, for some inexplicable reason, wants us all to guess the names of her newborns, who were brought into the world while Carey was listening to one of her own albums.

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Posted: 3rd, May 2011 | In: Music | Comments (3)

Mariah Carey Is Stupid Because She Thinks Her Unborn Twins Have Different Personalities

IT must be slowly dawning on Mariah Carey that she’s not the only person on Earth who has ever had a baby. As each new stretch mark appears on her drum-taut stomach and each haemorrhoid pings like popcorn from her anus, her sheer will to make this whole pointless event special grows and grows.

Fact is, her new children are just another pair of things to occupy some vital space on our failing planet. They’re guaranteed to grow-up to be disappointing adults, drunk on their own sense of self worth and ultimately jaded at the prospect that they’re just things that live to ultimately die without ever achieving anything remotely great in their lives.

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Teenage Students Play Sun And Star Game: Five Fall Pregnant

IN Poland, the kids are lower secondary school in the town of Ostroda, Poland, are playing “the sun” or “a star”.

A new video game? A patriotic tune on the gourd? A sex game:

“Girls lay on the floor in a circle with their heads together and eyes closed and boys copulate with them, taking turns. The winner was the boy who managed to finish the intercourse last.”

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