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A bear walks into a bar… (video)

WE’VE all the joke that starts with ‘a horse walks into a bar…’, but what about a bear? Well, this is no joke as, over in Colorado, CCTV cameras caught a bloody great beast wandering into a pub!

The bear tootled in through the back door of Lonigans bar in Estes Park and was, bizarrely, largely unnoticed by customers before leaving minutes later.

“I tried to holler, ‘Bear!’ so people could hear me. They were oblivious. He kept wandering up to the middle bar where all the patrons were,” area man Daniel Lyell told CBS Denver.

Owner David Callahan added:

“Nobody even knew it was there, I just missed seeing it. I was cleaning up and had just taken out the trash.We are in the Rocky Mountains, it’s their territory, not ours.”

Have a look here:

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This Is What Happens When A Bear Breaks Into Your Car

EVER wonder what would happen if a bear broke into your car? (Tip: leave the wet wipes within easy reach.)

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Dead Bears For Obama

DEAD Bears for Obama:

A dead bear was found dumped this morning on the Western Carolina University campus, draped with a pair of Obama campaign signs, university police said.

A black bear?

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Calls For A Return To Segregation In Alabama’s Bear Pit

A RETURN to Russellville, Alabama where authorities are investigating a chid’s severed foot.

As Anorak readers recall, the foot was brought home by a family dog. A two-day hunt ensued. But the rest of the child was not found.

Now after extensive study the local police department’s crack team of forensic boffins and detectives can say with no hint of doubt that it IS a foot, specifically a bear’s foot.

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