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Robber thwarted by a face full of chilli


WHEN you’re faced with someone trying to rob you, it is difficult not to freeze in terror. However, that’s the polar opposite of Joanna Tarnoski’s actions as she dealt with Tyrone Holmwood, who got a little hot-headed.

Tyrone was trying to rob the till at a takeaway shop in Sydney, but it all got a bit too hot to handle for the bozo as he soon found he had a bucket of chilli on his stupid head.

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Professional football team takes on 22 amateurs (Norwegian Premier League outfit Valerenga, that is)


FOOTBALL can be pretty ridiculous at times and a recent match in Norway took the biscuit, with a professional team playing against a team made up of 22 amateurs.

Norwegian Premier League outfit Valerenga (mid-table nothingness, if you’re wondering) took on a side twice their size for a television series called Golden Goal.

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Blackpool stress-ball worker pulled knives on boss

DARREN Baldwin, of Blackpool, worked packing stress balls for SPS. Reacting to the news that his temporary contract would not be renewed, he punched his manger in the face. He then pulled out two knives.

Baldwin, 44, appeared before Blackpool magistrates. The prosecution noted:

“Baldwin then produced two knives and the victim was in fear of his life. Baldwin showed the knives to his colleague and started to shout threats like ‘I will cut you up’.”

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The Young Conservative Rappers So Jesus

THE Young Conservative rappers explain Jesus, Ayn Rand, and ANWR drilling, via Boing Boing.

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Richard Branson Hires Environmentalist To Advise On Space Flights

richard-bransonRICHARD Branson Hires Environmentalist To Advise On Space Flights. Did you read that? Take it in? It is beyond parody:

Australia’s most famous environmentalist, Tim Flannery, has lent his name to a scheme by the world’s most infamous self-publicist, Richard Branson, to burn untold tonnes of greenhouse gases so rich people can become space tourists.

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School Pool Evacuated Because Of Chlorine Smell

IN the Chicago Sun Times:

A North Side high school has been evacuated as a precaution after a chemical was found in the school Monday morning.

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Bella Freud Is Beyond Parody

BELLA Freud explains to Telegraph readers what she does for a living:

Every Christmas at my son’s school the children cover a shoe box with wrapping-paper, fill it with presents and mark it for either a girl or boy of the age they think would most appreciate its contents. All these boxes are delivered to the West London Action for Children headquarters, which distributes them to the neediest of the children they support, those least likely to receive any presents on Christmas Day.

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