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The night Mario Balotelli made a drink of his urine

MORE on Mario Balotelli, the unmarried Manchester City striker who allegedly shagged Chloe Evans. Having said Balotelli was crap in bed (maybe it was you, Chloe?), the kiss ‘n’ teller is reported telling the Sun about the “crazy lifestyle of soccer badboy Mario Balotelli”.

The soccer badboy is a talented 21-year-old finding his feet working and living in a foreign country. Balotelli has embraced the prevailing culture by shagging tabloid-friendly English birds and allowing his bathroom to be the venue for a Bonfire Night do. The fire brigade was called and Balotelli’s friends (because it was them – really it was) would to well to read the full firework code, especially the bit about returning to a smouldering toilet roll. But, still, for the Italian Catholic import to be celebrating the death of the Papist Gunpowder Plot is admirable.

Balotelli did say that Manchester “is not to my tastes”. But no great hurt in that. Most Manchester United fans who only ever see the city’s wide open green spaces and ordered seating on the telly agree. And he can always commute from London or Abu Dhabi.

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Chloe Evans: My sex with Manchester City’s shaven raver Mario Balotelli (photos)

MANCHESTER City striker Mario Balotelli has had sex with Cheadle’s Chloe Evans. Well, so says Chloe Evans, a woman seemingly well placed to see what’s on top of her. Having heard of Balotelli’s sex with “Wayne Rooney hooker” Jenny Thompson, the Sun know hears Evans claim that she too has enabled the Italian footballer to cheat on his usual lover Raffaella Fico.

Allegations from “pretty” Chloe are:

Chloe: “Mario hates pubic hair and before I had ever slept with him he asked me, ‘Do you shave the hair of the p**** ?’ I just laughed and told him not to be so nosey.”

Ruddy curtain twitcher. Go on:

Chloe: “He always shaves all the hair off down below, I’ve never seen him with anything there over all the time I’ve known him.”

Mario loves a Brazilian. Read all about it!

Chloe: “He wasn’t a bad lover as such — let’s just say he liked to take a long time about things. He said sex helped him be better at football, that it improved his stamina. But I had to fake it in the bedroom. Every time.”

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