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The righteous fight to give David Moyes a slap

Sunderland manager David Moyes is sorry for telling a BBC Sport reporter she “might get a slap” with her line of questioning. Following Sunderland’s 0-0 draw with Burnley, journalist Vicki Sparks asked the former Everton and Manchester United coach if the knowing club owner Ellis Short was looking on from the stands made him feel uncomfortable.

“No, none at all,” said Moyes. With the BBC cameras no longer filming, he continued: “Just getting a wee bit naughty at the end there so just watch yourself. You still might get a slap even though you’re a woman.”

But someone was filming on a camera phone.



Sparks made no complaints. But others were upset. The Sunderland spokesman tells us: “David and the reporter spoke to one another subsequently and the matter was resolved amicably.”

Vivki Sparks, a woman in a man’s world, where undemanding, bland, blokey banter is the rule, is robust. Let’s hope Moyes’ questionable humour doesn’t stymie her journalism and she keeps asking challenging questions. She’s not there to do David Moyes’ PR – there’s already a silo of clubby ex-pros sat on the BBC’s cosy Match Of The Day chairs to deliver anodyne match summaries and big up their mates. She’s also not there to be the BBC’s token ‘bird’ who needs looking after and watching lest a footballer say something inappropriate to her delicate ears. She’s a journalist after a story. That someone else chose to make her the story is odd.

And it isn’t over. The Football Association has invited David Moyes in for a light interrogation. They want to know if Moyes is a sexist. What they might be better off asking is why football is now so corporate that an off-the-record chat can blow up into a scandal. A pundit on Sky News this morning said Moyes “deserved to be reputationally damaged”, making this not a story of being civil to one another and gender equality – “even thought you’re a woman” is a crass comment –  but about branding.

Fans of rival clubs might laugh. One popular chant aimed at Sunderland fans chimes, “You all beat up your women, you’re all the fu**ing same.” So much for cheeky irreverence. Football is the nation’s role model. Mind your language. Football’s not a fun leisure pursuit and a chance to let off steam. It’s very serious stuff.

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Anonymous At Manchester United And Everton David Moyes Is Now On Show

David Moyes has taken the top job at Real Sociedad. The former Manchester United manager might not have a clue what he’s let himself in for. Helpfully, former Sociadad manager Chris Coleman has news for the Scot:

“At Sociedad, everything is on top of you. You can’t even go down to the local café for a break because everyone knows who you are.”

No more mooching unrecognsied and unmolested round the shops of Manchester and Liverprool for David Moyes, who used to wander up to the Everton ground on foot and take the bus to Old Trafford.

For Moyes, easy living is no more.


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Manchester United Balls: More What The Experts Said When David Moyes Was Made Manager

PA-19664609 (1)

EPISODE 2 of what the experts said when David Moyes was made Manchester United manager:

Russell Brand, The Guardian, May 21 2013:

This is why the emphasis at Old Trafford is on continuity rather than revolution, with Moyes as Bob Paisley and Scotland as some giant, rugged Anfield boot-room. Ferguson’s potency must be bestowed, a hereditary successor appointed. If there could be a son selected from those available it would not be Darren Ferguson schooled at The Posh but David Moyes, stern and stoic, hewn if not from the same DNA, then the same rock, the same nation, the same mythic paradigm. Sir Alex has urged his followers not to call him Boss, to reserve that moniker for Moyes. He has appointed and anointed, given unto them his son, if not his flesh, his likeness.

Russell Brand, The Guardian, May 23 2014:

Ferguson when he was asked to nominate a successor, the nearest approximation of an Anfield boot-room appointment considered instead to be the translucent Moyes, a pale imitation of himself, so pale in fact his impotent palpitations could be witnessed on a vascular level as United throbbed to a final flaccid loss at Goodison Park. Moyes, a pale imitation of himself, so pale in fact his impotent palpitations could be witnessed on a vascular level as United throbbed to a final flaccid loss at Goodison Park.

Jeremy Cross, Daily Star, Feb 27, 2014:

EXCLUSIVE: Manchester United boss David Moyes will not be leaving Old Trafford – DAVID MOYES will not be sacked as Manchester United boss – despite mounting speculation that he is set to leave Old Trafford.

The Sun, May 10, 2013:

The passion and determination that were the hallmarks of Moyes’s 11 years at Everton make him the outstanding candidate”

And the pick of the bunch:

Barney Ronay, the Guardian, October 4, 2013:

“And yet for all this Moyes is an excellent manager who could probably succeed anywhere with the right backing. He can even afford to tread water a little while he finds his voice…”

Barney Ronay, The Guardian, April 22, 2014:

Farewell, then, David Moyes. You made some mistakes as Manchester United manager. But none of them, let’s face it, as gapingly inept as the decision to appoint you Manchester United manager in the first place… In the end Moyes’s greatest failing during the last 10 months was simply to walk into Old Trafford and act like David Moyes…

Episode 1 is here.

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Manchester United Balls: Newspapers Agree That Moyes Was Right To Be Paranoid

DAVID Moyes is on his way out of Manchester United. The man who made a complete hash of managing the Premier League Champions is out of Old Trafford.

When back in August, Moyes observed, “I think it’s the hardest start Manchester United have had for 20 years”, we thought it odd for the man managing the country’s biggest club to be complaining about United’s first five fixtures – home to Chelsea, Swansea and Crystal Palace, and away to Liverpool and Manchester City.

He added: “I find it hard to believe that’s the way the balls came out of the bag, that’s for sure. I hope it’s not because Manchester United won the league quite comfortably last year that the fixtures have been made more difficult.”

Moyes had made his point. We’d always thought that every team played every other team home and away over the season, that the season – all in all – is pretty much the same for every club. After the start, October brought an away game at Sunderland and home matches against Southampton, Stoke and Norwich.

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Manchester United Balls: David Moyes Says Van Persie And Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner Are Special Players

MANCHESTER United manger David Moyes is delighted with Robin Van Persie, the former Arsenal captain who kept the Red Devils on track for Champions’ League glory with three decisive goals in a 3-2 win over the mighty (it says here) Olympiacos.

Says Moyes:

“To score a hat-trick in Champions League football is a big thing,” said a giddy David Moyes. “Only certain players in the world are capable of doing it – and Robin is one of them.”

Just RVP and 68 other special players, like Juul Ellerman, Mike Newell, Uwe Rösler and – a role on the drums – Nicklas Bendtner.

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Mini Cab For Moyes: A Look At The Manchester United Manager’s Expressions As The Red Devils Lost To Swansea

MINI Cab For Moyes: A Look At The Manchester United Manager’s Expression As The Red Devils Lost To Spurs Swansea:




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Manchester United And Everton Balls: Moyes Says He Created Martinez’s ‘Managerless’ Everton


BEFORE Everton defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford, David Moyes said this about the Toffees’ new manger Roberto Martinez:

“He is doing a very good job..

He is.

“He has very good players there.”

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Manchester United: David Moyes Harks Back To 1989


MANCHESTER United Watch: David Moyes is speaking after a 1-1 home draw against a decent Southampton side.

“Over the years, Manchester United have been slow starters quite often.”

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Manchester United: David Moyes sees shades of Preston in his United team

MANCHESTER United Watch: Manchester United: David Moyes sees shades of Preston in his United team

“I’ve been in situations very similar to this at my old clubs Everton and Preston North End”

So says Moyes on the eve of inconsistent United’s Champions’ League match.

United are arguably biggest club in world football, with millions 0f fans and a pressure to win that would turn a lump of coal into a diamond. Preston are not…

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Manchester United watch: Moyes is King of the Nowhere Men, Ander Herrera is exposed and the Glazers’ pain


MANCHESTER United watch: an at-a-glance look at United in today’s news:

The Times: “American owners ready to fund manager’s call for world-class players”

Why didn’t they buy Gareth Bale?

David Moyes will be given substantial funds to reshape his Manchester United squad with the Glazer family recognising that the manager requires world-class reinforcements to help to maintain Sir Alex Ferguson’s legacy of success.

The United manager is expected to make a foray into the transfer market in January providing leading targets become available as the Barclays Premier League champions look to put the frustrations of a miserable summer behind them…

The Glazers are thought to share Moyes’s view that the squad needs strengthening in key areas and will not balk at spending well in excess of £100 million to ensure they remain successful in the coming years.

Who do they buy?

United continue to keep tabs on Ander Herrera, whom they have been monitoring for 2½ years, but the £25.6 million bid they had rejected for the Spain Under-23 midfielder last month was at the upper limit of their valuation. As such, it seems unlikely at this stage that the club would be prepared to meet the €36 million (£30.2 million) release clause in his contract with Athletic Bilbao.

Andrés Iniesta’s situation at Barcelona is being watched from a distance but there is little expectation of the Spain midfielder leaving the Nou Camp. Ilkay Gundogan, the Borussia Dortmund midfielder, also has his admirers among United’s coaching staff.

It remains to be seen whether United make a renewed effort to buy Leighton Baines or Fabio Coentrão, the Everton and Real Madrid left backs for whom they had bids rejected in the summer, or pursue a younger target, such as Luke Shaw, of Southampton.

Eliaquim Mangala, the highly regarded Porto centre half, is regarded as a potential successor to Ferdinand, although Moyes faces competition from Chelsea, City and several leading European clubs for the 22-year-old, who has a reported €45 million release clause in his contract.

Matt Dickinson says it’s more complicated than that. He looks at how Moyes traded players at Everton:

 …chronicled in detail by Michael Calvin in The Nowhere Men, his original book about the scouting business. It is a fascinating glimpse into Moyes’s methods and how Everton used scouting to punch above their weight.

The book takes us behind the locked doors of Everton’s recruitment room under Moyes… Every manager collects scouting data, but none with the zeal of Moyes, whose head of technical scouting, James Smith… kept a database of thousands of reports on the abilities of more than 1,000 players. The long wall in this office was covered in an array of whiteboards, detailing targets, positions, ages, contracts and ratings; hundreds of players listed in various different inks from foreigners under review to “live” targets under constant monitoring. Another board showed the ideal Premier League choices, all aged under 26, with votes from scouts to establish which was top choice; another had a list of players under 23 in English lower leagues.

There was a board of those players Moyes was actively seeking to sign next to another showing how the manager envisaged the development of the first team, with players phased out and how new recruits would come in (which is why the room was strictly off limits to his squad).

This dazzling detail was merely an easy checklist. The real data was kept on computer in the vast bank of reports and profiles. Moyes would demand an “MOT test” for serious targets, with up to 50 reports compiled by as many scouts and coaches on a single player — on top of his own trips.

How does that prudence and intelligent buying fit with spending massive sums at United?

At United there is regret, for example, that they did not bid £50 million for Cesc Fàbregas to see if Barcelona could have been persuaded to negotiate. Moyes, understandably in his first window, was cautious. They wonder now whether they should have closed the deal for Thiago Alcantara instead of allowing the Barcelona schemer to slip away to Bayern Munich. Moyes, though, wanted to stay true to his habits of amassing multiple reports. Without those, he was not sure.

Now they agonise over Ander Herrera, the target at Athletic Bilbao, but must do so without enjoying the secrecy of the recruitment room.

It’s not Everton:

moyes trasnfers


Tony Evans in the Times:

Moyes was bequeathed the worst United squad since his predecessor broke the club’s 26-year title drought in 1993… United should have the fiscal firepower to compete with the biggest clubs in Europe. Yet since the Glazer takeover, too much of the prodigious income that flows into Old Trafford has been diverted to pay interest fees, debt repayments and bank charges. In the accounts released this month, there were £71 million outgoing in financial costs. That knocks a severe hole even in a business that generated an income of £363 million.

Ferguson’s management masked the poisonous impact of the leveraged takeover. The Americans borrowed £525 million to buy United. They have spent £680 million servicing the debt. The former manager’s brilliance meant the impact of this drain on club cash was barely noticed. Until now.

Ferguson’s departure may have been the eye of a perfect storm that began forming in 2005 . Moyes may not be the man to ride it out.

Mark Ogden in the Telegraph looks at the weakened Moyes:

The narrative of the season so far from Moyes has been one of lowering expectations. The squad, he insists, is not strong enough in key areas and the Scot even suggested in the wake of the 4-1 defeat at Manchester City last week, which he described as “embarrassing”, that he required two new players to go straight into his starting 11.

Moyes is undoubtedly correct in his assessment, United do lack quality, particularly in midfield, but there is a danger that he is giving his players an excuse for failure by repeatedly highlighting their frailties.
Ferguson, in contrast, would never talk his team down. He would often exaggerate the potential of his players simply to instil the belief that they could achieve great things.

Phil McNulty tells BBC readers:

It is unlikely Ferguson would have talked down Champions League expectations but this is the different world Moyes now occupies and even his fiercest critics must accept he will take time to fully acclimatise.

One thing is certain: Moyes has the most exciting and toughest job in club football. How does he follow Ferguson?

Photo: English Premier League soccer team Everton’s new signings, John Heitinga, left, Sylvain Distin, second left, and Dinijar Bilyaletdinov, right, pose for photos with team manager David Moyes, second right, at the Everton training ground, Liverpool, England, Friday Sept. 11, 2009. 

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Manchester United: Moyes sent to Gibraltar, West Bromwich Albion are shameful and Man City pounce on Januzaj


MANCHESTER United Watch: a round-up of the day’s United news in the media. United have made their worst start to a Premier League season in 24 years.

David Moyes wants more is United are to win the Champions’ League:

“To win the Champions League you have to have five or six world class players. If you look at Bayern Munich, they have five or six, nearly, world class players. To be considered to win it, you might have to have that in your squad. Look at Barcelona, who had it in the past, and Real Madrid have maybe got it now. That’s the level you have to get at to win it.

“We’ve not got that yet but what we have got is experience and several players who are in that category or close to it.”

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Manchester United Watch: Januzaj stays, Lingard shines, Vidic stars and Moyes picks his team on Fifa 2014


MANCHESTER United Watch: a look at the Red Devils in the news: the pressure is on David Moyes. Well, of course it is.

Peter Schmeichel tells Sky Sports News.

“We always knew that whatever happened after Sir Alex, it would be a bumpy road. Someone had to be really brave and take that job. We knew every little thing that he does would be scrutinised and reported on in the media. It would be a debate – is he good enough? Has he got a few games left before he loses his game? He signed a six-year contract, there’s a reason behind the six years. People in football have short memories. The start of last season is the same as this season, you know.

“We played a relatively few number of games and had two defeats, one at Everton then Spurs at home, and we still managed to win by 13 points. I listened to the radio on the way here and they’re saying it’s not even a top four squad, and I’m thinking ‘guys where do you get this from?”

One thing on Moyes’ agenda is to tie down the talent he has. He wants to keep Nemanja Vidic at Old Trafford. Says Moyes:

“Vidic is probably the best centre half I have ever worked with. He is that good, he really is.”

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Manchester United fans start ‘Moyes Out’ campaign

Manchester United manager David Moyes prior to kick-off

MANCHESTER United fans have started a campaign to get David Moyes sacked from his role as manager at Old Trafford, a mere three games after he started work.

Two months of Moyes, and it seems some of the ManYoo fans have had enough.

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Moyes complains about imagined anti-Manchester United conspiracy

A Manchester United supporter holds up a sign in reference to the club's soon to be appointed manager David Moyes during their manager Sir Alex Ferguson's last game in charge of the team, their English Premier League soccer match against West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns Stadium, West Bromwich, England, Sunday May 19, 2013. (AP Photo/Jon Super)

WHEN David Moyes was announced as the new Manchester United manager, many wondered if he’d be the perfect fit for the club. Thanks to his complaints about an imagined conspiracy against the Red Devils, it is clear that he’s a dream appointment.

Moyes has hit out at United’s opening fixtures, hinting that this is all a deliberate ploy by the Premier League to give them a tough opening.

In amongst their first five games, the champions have to play Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. Of course, they’d have to play them at some point anyway and they should quit whining, but there you go.

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Transfer Balls: Manchester United target Gareth Bale and Andre Villas-Boas head to Barcelona (so they say)

THE Daily Bale – a look at the Tottenham Hotspur star in the news media. We last featured Bale on July 14, when the Sun said Gareth Bale was off to Manchester united for a fee in excess of £75 million. This followed news that any move to Real Madrid this season was dead.

Now read on…

July 20

Marca leads with news that Los Blancos are in the process of raising funds to buy Bale. But there’s no need to bother. The Daily Star has news:

“EXCLUSIVE: Gareth Bale wants to join Manchester United”

Will they get him?

United are ready to offer £60m in an attempt to take him to Old Trafford, and Tottenham last night refused to comment on whether an official bid had been made.

The Daily Mirror says the bid has been made.

We have been told that United have an “unlimited budget” for players.

Of course, new Spurs singing Paulinho has told us Bale is going nowhere. That’s Bale, the star whose worth this summer has been pitched at £100m, £85m, £80m£70m, and £50m. Indeed, one paper told us that £100m was not enough to buy Bale.

But United have unlimited money, so here’s the bid for, erm, £60m.

Also telling us that Bale was a Spurs player for the season ahead was Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas. He said:

“The chairman said that we are not open to offers, whatever they are, and that the player will stay.”

But then he added:

“In football anything can happen, but these are the guarantees given to me.”

The Express says Daniel Levy, the Spurs chairman, ” is reported ready to double Bale’s wages to £150,000-a-week in a bid to keep him happy at White Hart Lane”.

And AVB has just told reporters:

“He’s not for sale at any price. No we haven’t had any conversations. It’s not irritating, I think it’s part of when the market opens. It’s normal that there is speculation everywhere.”

Such as this speculation in the Daily Mail:

Villas-Boas refused to comment on speculation linking him with the Barcelona job, instead sending his best wishes to departing coach Tito Vilanova.

No comment is still a comment:

“It’s a very difficult situation and all of my wishes are with Tito. If he has to resign for a situation of illness it’s not the moment to speak about any speculation whatsoever. It’s not even a question, we are speaking about a person’s health.”

So. AVB hasn’t ruled it out. And, as he told us, there are no guarantees in football – anything can happen. AVB is no fool. He never did get Spurs into the Champions’ League. One more failure and his stock will fall.

But AVB is highly rated by Bale who tells the Evening Standard:

“We [Bale and Villas-Boas] have a great relationship. Last season we had a great campaign and obviously we came up short but we had a great working relationship on and off the field.

“We chatted quite a lot about tactics and stuff like that. He definitely got the best out of me last season and hopefully can again.”

Bale and AVB’s careers seem to be linked.

Look out for news telling us Bale and AVB are off to is Barcelona very soon…


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Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher Wants ‘Englishman’ David Moyes To Manage Chelsea And England?

LIVERPOOL’S whale-voiced  defender Jamie Carragher thinks it’s wrong that foreigners can manage the English national side. He laments the fact that “English mangers don’t get the chance to win club games at the top”.

He then adds:

“Chelsea appointed a 33-year-old manager, Andre Villas-Boas, this summer. Years ago someone like David Moyes would have got that job.”

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Everton’s Non-Performance Performance

“Performance is not a word I can use at the moment. But, hopefully, results will do and the performance will follow” – David Moyes, Everton FC manager

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