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David Paterson: Harlem’s Great Black And Proud Hope Felled And Racists Take New York

7765313WHEN New York State Governor David Paterson walked into the waiting ambush, there were those who saw it coming and knew the bear trap had been laid by Paterson himself, writes AGW.

Strangely, he seemed to have forgotten or ignored the fact it was there.

The unrepentant Proudly Black and Fiercely Blind Paterson did not apologise for either his behaviour or his attempts to squirm away from the real and present danger which the New York Times had very clearly signalled was waiting in the wings.

The NY Times had made it obvious there was a majority opinion he was not the chosen one and should not press ahead with a candidature for re-election as Governor of New York State.

It was pointed out this week, in here, without journalists’ vigilant digging, goading and prodding, many of the freedoms you carelessly accept as a right, would not exist.

There is now no doubt New York’s finest News Room had the dirt signed sealed and delivered. Already written, proof-read and ready to publish.

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The Story Of David Paterson’s Fall, Michelle Paterson’s Sex And The Feds

paterson2DAVID Paterson is the New York Governor exposed and on his way out. Anorak’s AGW has been tracking the story of vice at the highest level. He was on it from the first sniff. Here’s the story – featuring the aide David W. Johnson, the wife Michelle Paterson and the President Barack Obama. Read it and join the debate on the forums:

SNOW WHITE he’s not. Meet the Governor of the State of New York. The man who would be John Terry if he could and have a super-injunction slammed into place.

Governor David Paterson, happens to be a Democrat and both Black and Blind, the state’s first African-American governor – and the first blind ­governor in America.

On the day after his appointment he admitted using cocaine and he and his wife had a series of affairs, and did what any shrewd politico would do. He asked for forgiveness. The alleged crack-head then allegedly carried on as before. There are rumours of womanising and drug use.

Paterson took over 18 months ago after Governor Eliot Spitzer was politically castrated by his fondness for prostitutes.

Things did not go well and a State Senator used a television interview to call Paterson a “coke-snorting, staff-banging governor,” there was no super-injunction and no come back.

The New York Times thundered Paterson should not seek re-election in November this year.

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