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Starbucks Exorcism: Watch Coffee Drinkers Purge A Demon

Starbucks exocism

Supping the Devil’s latte


THE demon of tax avoiders stands no chance as the Stabuck on W. Parmer Lane in Austin, Texas.  Umgar writes:

“I stuck around for a while and I can tell you that these guys really believed they were exorcising a demon… Not a student film project, prank, or social experiment. Just the bible belt.”

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The Pope: Now performing exorcisms, apparently


THE new Pope – Pope Francis, as everyone has clearly forgotten his name already, after watching him get unveiled like an X Factor winner on TV – has a fascination with the Devil. That goes without saying because, ostensibly, his entire job is to make everyone feel guilty and warn them away from ol’ Lucifer.

However, in some quarters, they’re saying his obsession with Beelzebub is rather peculiar and that he’s been exorcising people. One ‘leading’ exorcist insists that Francis helped “liberate” a Mexican man possessed by four different demons.

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School lunch scanner gives children mark of The Beast

TO Moss Bluff Elementary school, Lake Charles, Louisiana, where fears abound that the new dinnertime palam scanner is turning the children to the Devil.

Says parent Mamie Sonnier, sounding not a little like Annie Wilkes.

 “I was very, very mad. Disappointed.”

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Woman Possessed By Spirit Of Bratty Kid (Video)

IN this video the woman is rid of the demon of a bratty kid. Many children have this demon in them. But try to worry, mums and dads. They grow out of it…

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The Regents Park Pentagram Marks Hell’s Portal

WE know where hell is: The Regents Park pentagram in London makes the pergola portal:

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C Me Dance: The Jade Goody Film

WHAT follows is a trailer for C Me Dance, a film that with some tweaks could be reused as the Jade Goody Story.

Spotter: Holy Taco

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Up And Atom: The Large Hadron Collider Sex Aide

HOW was the Large Hadron Collider for you? Did it being out the Devil?

The Star says that at 8:30 yesterday the machine was switched on, at the exact time when “couples around the globe” staged their own earth-moving experiments.

Yes, 8:30. Or, as the Sun says, “8.33”.

Yesterday the Star told us it was 8:15

Old Mr Anorak would like to apologies to all commuters, passing schoolchildren and interested pets who passed the window of And So To Bed furniture store at 8:16 yesterday morning where he and his current flame where road testing the facilities…

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