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In Pictures: StreetDance 3D Premiere With Heather Mills’ Legs

TO the Premiere of StreetDance 3D, at the Empire Leicester Square in London, the film that answers the question: What happened to whatshisface from Britain’s Got Talent? We spotted Flawless and Akai dancing on the red carpet. And there was Dino “Dappy” Contostavlos, Tulisa Contostavlos of N Dubz dancing with their fingers. No need to dance – you just twist your fingers into a gangsta sign that makes sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis at the bleeding edge of cool.

Camp XXX-Ray detainee Kimberly Wyatt was there, as was George Sampson, Perri Luc Kiely (the little one form Diversity), DJ Ironik looking miserable, Richard Winsor, Sacha Chang, Bradley Charles, Sianad Gregory and…Heather Mills, in socks (picture 7)…


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Flawless and Akai perform during the Premiere of StreetDance 3D, at the Empire Leicester Square in London.

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Lady GaGa Grants The Queen And Miley Cyrus An Audience: Royal Variety Show In Pictures

TO Blackpool for the Royal Variety Performance, with Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus and Bette Midler. As AA Gill said, the French guillotine their Royals, we make ours go to Blackpool to watch a variety show. But Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip did pretty well. As well as Gaga and Cyrus, they saw Chaka Khan, Anastasia and Michael Buble. They got to see American stars. Of course, this the British show, so they also had to endure Frank Carson, Diversity, Alexandra Burke and Lulu – always Lulu. We were there. We’ve got the pictures…


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Queen Elizabeth II American singer Lady Gaga (right) following the Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool.

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Susan Boyle Is A Diva

susan-boyle-fuck-offSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news.

C U Susan Boyle

FRAGILE Susan Boyle has launched ANOTHER foul-mouthed rant, it has emerged. The 48-year-old lost her rag at Edinburgh airport moments after happily posing in a comedy Scottish hat with a bride-to-be on her hen party.

The BGT star appeared to turn on her assistant and was heard yelling “F*** off” repeatedly.

An onlooker said: “Susan was really friendly at first. She was happy to pose with fans but suddenly she just flipped.

“She is struggling to cope with the attention and lashing out at those trying to help her”Sun

RIP Susan Boyle

Irish Independent: When reality television becomes too brutally real for contestants… Gemma O’Doherty on the people who can’t face life any more after being humiliated on television

At best, Boyle, or SuBo as the tabloids now call her, is suffering from exhaustionHer disturbing demise brutally illustrates the emotional turmoil of reality television and the exploitation of vulnerable people who are barely equipped to take a trip to the shops not to mind cope with the pressures of instant worldwide fame – Irish Indy

We Love Su!

During last night’s performance, the 48-year-old church volunteer, who shot to fame in the reality television talent contest, blew a kiss to her adoring fans as they screamed and whistled – Belfast Telegraph

She looked relaxed and happy on the opening night of the Britain’s Got Talent tour in Birmingham – Express

Susan Boyle La Diva

The Scot had left it until the last minute before confirming she would perform. But she didn’t disappoint as she sang her famous version of I Dreamed A Dream from the musical Les Miserables… When she finished almost everyone in the venue rose to their feet as she took a bowSun

We’ll Never Be Like You Su

‘We won’t do a Susan Boyle!’ The first interview with Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity – Daily Mail

On Yer Bike, Norton

GRAHAM Norton’s new live show is vetting prank victims — so they don’t have a SuBo-style meltdown…

Norton’s show Totally Saturday sees the camp host poke fun at members of the audience and setting them up with cheeky pranks. Last week one viewer was stunned when the BBC stole his vintage car and hid EastEnders star Perry Fenwick (Billy Mitchell) in the boot.

However, bosses fear contestants could be left distressed live telly after some of the more risque jokes.

A BBC insider told TV Biz: “The order has come down from on high that they don’t want a Boyle on their hands” Sun

Salmond’s First Mini-star

STAR-struck Alex Salmond orders his staff to FIND celebrities for him to fire off fan mail to, it was revealed yesterday – Sun

I Have A Dream

Perhaps Gordon Brown’s newfound enthusiasm for TV will extend to his promised search for a new voting system. There are some very exciting new models available on screen.

BGT : The revolutionary scheme pioneered by Britain’s Got Talent. Elections are held over one hour on a Saturday night. All the contenders state their case before the public and an expert panel of judges and show their skills at bantering with Ant and Dec. At the end the public has 20 minutes to phone in and vote. The result is announced live after a series of adverts for pizza. Good for encouraging voter participation, and a percentage of all the money raised will go towards funding the new Trident programme. Gives no-hopers the chance of the political career of their dreams – very popular with Liberal Democrats. But could end up with Susan Boyle as PM – Robert Shrimsley, FT

Susan Boyle – she can be all things to all people…

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BNP Embraces Diversity

hitler-diversityAS Susan Boyle goes the way of Amy Winehouse, the Mirror looks at Diversity, the all-shades dance troupe, and announces:

Talent kids inspire all.”

The “VOICE OF THE MIRROR” – a reedy voice that sounds like a Labour peer counting his expenses in a cave – proclaims:

To those doomsayers who run down our great country and indiscriminately label young people as yobs, we have a one word reply…

Mail? C***s? Rooney?

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Royals To Perform At Royal Variety Show

queen-laughingHURRAH! Britain’s Got Talent is over and Diversity beats Susan Boyle to win the chance to dance before the Queen at a Royal Variety Show, sandwiched between Jimmy Tarbuck and The Shadows.

Give the Queen a buzzer. Someone give the Queen a buzzer.

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