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Barbie’s Ken’s got a manbun and cornrows

man bun ken


Keeping in step with the times, Mattel has unleashed a new range of Fashionistas Barbie and Ken dolls. This 40-strong platoon of dollies come in a range of shapes to reflect modern humanity’s obsession with individuality. You can buy a “slim” Ken, a “broad” Ken or an “original Ken” –  “for the ultimate storytelling experience.” You can create whole worlds of narration as Ken bulks up on protein shakes and ‘roids,  slims down with tape worms and stays just the way he is.

The gang also comes in 11 skintones and 28 hairstyles. Bu the picks has to be Ken’s Manbun.


barbie fashionistas



Ken might not be able to talk, but he sure can issue a loud cry for help.

And look of the Cultural Approbation Ken, who sports cornrows.


Man-bun-Mattel-dolls barbie


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The Frida Khalo action figure is coming to a store near you


Today Is Art Day’s Kickstarter is raising money to make a Frida Kahlo figure. At 5 inches tall, fashioned from quality plastic, Frida Kahlo action doll features a monkey on her back and a detachable surrealist heart. 

It is, of course, what she would have wanted.


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Manchester United: Chinese turn Bastian Schweinsteiger into a Nazi doll


                              Schweinhund                                                                   Schweinsteiger 

In China you can buy a Nazi figuring that looks like Manchester United’s German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger. Yeah, that’s what we thought: who in China buys Nazi figurines? This one costs HK$958 (£80).

Schweinsteiger is upset enough to set his lawyers on the Hong Kong-based company, makers of ‘Bastian’, the one-sixth lifesize doll. They say it’s pure coincidence the doll looks like him. all Germans look the same, see.

“We have no figure which is based on a football player,” Patrick Chan tells Bild (not to be confused with the Vőlkischer Beobachter). “It was pure coincidence that the ‘Bastian’ figure looks like Schweinsteiger. The figure is based on the typical German. We believe that all Germans look like this.”

They do. Stick this one in a dress and it’s Heidi Klum.

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Dad handmakes a David Bowie doll to surprise his 7-year-old daughter



We love dolls, or action figures (as you macho lads call them). We’ve seen the weirdest celebrity dolls of all time. We’ve seen dead dolls. And we’ve spliced and diced more Barbies then you can shake a nagging finger at.

On Imgur, Uh Jess shows has been makin his own dolls. He’s taken Barbie (always Barbie gets it) and turning them into David Bowie, as seen in the 1986 film Labyrinth.


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Great gifts: the 1940s ‘No Name’ dolls

no names 1



Great gifts: the 1940s nameless boy and girl in celluloid.


no names


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The Top 15 Scariest Dolls of Cinema and Television

THERE is just something inherently creepy about a doll coming to life. I think it falls into the same category as clowns, kids and the elderly.  Because they are supposed to be so benign or innocent, it becomes all the more warped and vulgar when they take a bloodthirsty bent.

The devil doll trope didn’t start with Chucky. In fact, you could go back centuries via fairy tales and the golem mythology. In terms of cinema, you could start with The Devil Doll (1936) or Dead of Night (1946). However, we’ll concentrate on films from the 1970s and adjacent decades.

So, here are the top demonic doll movie moments from  the 1960s through the 80s. If there’s any egregious omissions, please fill me in, and let’s make this list grow!


15. CHILD’S PLAY (1988)


devil dolls (7)

Woefully cheesy, this film just doesn’t do anything for me. However, I recognize it’s earned its place on the list of evil dolls, so here’s Chucky. Moving right along….


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The 20 worst and most worrying dolls for sale on Etsy

THE blurb for each item sold on the online Etsy bazaar asks at the end: “Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.” After compiling this list of the creepiest, most wrong, oddest, weirdest  and worrying dolls for sale of Etsy, we’re a little unsure where to begin. Perhaps, the questions should be,  ‘Did your mother love you?; ‘Did your mother love you too much’; ‘Are you allaoewed near sharp objects?’ and ‘That you, Linus Van Pelt?’

scary doll


spock doll

scary doll


scary doll



monkey doll

lady gaga


indian doll







dolls 1


childbirth doll

scary doll

broken doll

beyonce doll

bette davis doll

barbie and tarzan


scary doll etsy 1 scary doll etsy



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Dara And Sara Are Iran’s National Dolls Declare War On Barbie

AS Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seeks to promote marriage and wean wayward Iranian youth off concrete penises and Grammar Of Change, reader Ed Brett turns us onto Dara and Sara, Iran’s “answer to Ken and Barbie”; aka the Ahmadinejad child sex dolls.

Ken and Barbie never looked like forming much of a question, let alone a coherent answer. But Iran is nothing if not reactionary and brings to the market “Muslim dolls”.

Again, this is odd. Giving a doll a name is one thing, but making it religious seems out of kilter with its lack of soul; although the shiny eyes do lend themselves to evangelical Christianity.

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