Anorak News | Dara And Sara Are Iran’s National Dolls Declare War On Barbie

Dara And Sara Are Iran’s National Dolls Declare War On Barbie

by | 26th, November 2010

AS Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seeks to promote marriage and wean wayward Iranian youth off concrete penises and Grammar Of Change, reader Ed Brett turns us onto Dara and Sara, Iran’s “answer to Ken and Barbie”; aka the Ahmadinejad child sex dolls.

Ken and Barbie never looked like forming much of a question, let alone a coherent answer. But Iran is nothing if not reactionary and brings to the market “Muslim dolls”.

Again, this is odd. Giving a doll a name is one thing, but making it religious seems out of kilter with its lack of soul; although the shiny eyes do lend themselves to evangelical Christianity.

Dara and Sara have been developed and marketed by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, a government agency tied to the Ministry of Education.

A “toy seller” called Masoumeh Rahimi is presented to say:

“I think every Barbie doll is more harmful than an American missile.”

He can mock but when an AIM-9 Sidewinder is coming through your toilet window you’d be well advised to panic – with or without Barbie strapped to its back.

Anyhow Christmas is coming an all the cool kids will want one. Here’s the advertorial:

Dara and Sara are Iranian. They are twins and eight years old. Their mother is a housewife. She is their best advisor and helps them out in their troubles. Their father works in Iran Cultural Heritage Organization .

Therefore they have the chance to travel to different parts of Iran with their father, see the sightseeing, know the tradition, wear the customs and learn about that region.
Dara and Sara live in an old garden house. There is a small pool in the middle of the yard with lots of gold fish. They also have a hen and chicks and a cat. Their cat is naughty, so they have to take a good care of the chicks and the fish.

Sara likes science very much and sometimes carries out experiments in their basement. She is very good at sports. She is a fan of football and plays table tennis. She wishes to became a teacher when she grows up.

Dara is also a fan of football, but he also likes wrestling. He is an adventurous boy, sometimes Sara accompanies him and they go on missions!

In his dreams he becomes an astronaut or an archeologist.
It is fun to follow Dara and Sara’s adventures.

Sara and Dara dolls, their stories, audio cassettes are available in the market.

That’s right – she makes the bombs and he fires them from the moon…

Meanwhile, in Russia:


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